Hooniverse Asks- So, Whaddya Get?

Christmas is over, the space under the tree is now barren but for some rogue scraps of wrapping, and by now you’ve already taken some of your gifts out for a test run. So, how’d you make out?
Of course the traditional maxim is that it’s better to give than to receive, but we all know that’s a bunch of horse hockey. It rocks to rip through that paper and find something you really want – like a set of really nice ratcheting wrenches, or maybe a hooker. I for one got a nice set of three-eighths inch drive metric sockets, something that had been at the top of my list.
Sometimes a gift-giver goes all out for the holidays and the unveiling requires a trip to the driveway, did anybody get a Veyron for Christmas? If so, you have to bring it by the Hooniverse Offices so we can give it a thorough road test.
So, now that you’ve cataloged your booty, and all that’s left is putting off writing those thank you cards, let us know, whaddya get?
Image sources: [about.com, automotiveaddicts.com]

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