Hooniverse Asks- Now That Hummer is Dead, is it a Good Time to Buy a Hummer?

General Motors pulled the plug on Hummer yesterday, after failing to come to terms with Chinese investors who finally realized that the “hummers” they were buying didn’t involve women in fishnets and hotpants. Now that they aren’t buying Hummer, do you think you should buy one?

Originally built by AM General, and intended as a military conveyance, the initial H1 offered to the public was a no-compromise, diesel-powered off-roader of remarkable capabilities. Upon GM’s purchase of the brand, the model line was expanded to include the H2 and H3 models, each based on an existing platform from the General’s lineup. Those trucks, while not as balls-to-the-walls capable as the H1, still manage to acquit themselves well enough for those who do choose to take them off-road. On-road, their pitiful mileage has marked the brand as the poster child of wretched excess, dooming the brand as a choice of socially conscious consumers.

Instant Classic!

But that conspicuous consumption doesn’t really come into play if the truck is n’t used for daily driver duty. No body seriously duns a classic GT350 or 365 Daytona for being overly consumptive as it is generally understood that they  only come out on special occasions and hence aren’t major contributors to our global demise.

And maybe, if Hummers were treated in the same fashion, the haters would give them a break? After all, if you’re buying a Hummer as an investment, you’re not going to be putting too many miles on it, are you?

Now that they aren’t making them any more, is there any investment potential in the various H1s, H2s and H3s? I myself kind of like the H2 SUT for its mini-Lambo LM002 looks. How about you, would you consider socking away a Hummer for a rainy day?

Image sources: [CNN.com, Trucktrend.com]

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