Hooniverse Asks: Miata Coupe- Should They or Shouldn't They?

Mazda Coupe The New York Auto Show is imminent (I’M WALKIN’ HERE! I’M WALKIN’ HERE!) and rumors are that Mazda is going to spring on us a MX-5 Miata coupe to replace the last-gen hardtop convertible. That one, in my mind, was always a questionable choice over the standard droptop. Mazda has teased us with Miata coupes in the past, and there have even been aftermarket mods that have made the open-top two-seater into a closed casket, but there was never one that you could just walk into a dealer and  buy. That may all be changing. The ‘Shop’ above is an indication of what such a beast may look like, although probably not with rear windows pulled from the Porsche 911. What do you think about that? Part of the Miata’s attraction is its addiction to the open-air. If Mazda turns it into an enclosed sardine can, would it still engender such passion? Or, will it be compared—perhaps unfavorably—to the Subie/Toyota 86 twins? What do you think about the prospect of a Miata Coupe, yay, or nay? Image: Imgur

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