Hooniverse Asks- Is There Someone With Whom You Refuse to Ride Due To Their Driving?


It’s a simple fact of life that we don’t always get the opportunity to be the one behind the wheel. It’s equally expected that not every other driver will meet your particular standards for driving acumen, but is there anyone that you know that is so far off the mark that you wouldn’t ever be their wingman?

The ability to operate a motor vehicle is not a natural skill, it’s one that must be learned and then groomed over time to create an acceptable level of proficiency. For some reason, not everyone reaches that minimum level of  competency. Of course, when it comes to something like juggling or politics, not being good at it has few repercussions involving others. When it comes to maneuvering a ton-plus of metal in a public space however, not having adequate skills can be problematic, or even lethal.

Do you know anyone who fits that category? We don’t need to name names, or go into great detail so as to shame that individual for their atrocious lack of skill, we’d just like to know if they’re out there, you know, for our own protection. 

Image source: StrangeCosmos

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