Hooniverse Asks- If Your Favorite Auto Maker Had a Cologne, What Would it Smell Like?

We all want to smell good. But, being car people we usually emit the funk of road grime and drive-thru food farts. Both of those olfactory offenses may be masked by the judicious application of a gallon or two of some eau de toilette, but if we’re going to go the perfume route, we might as well smell like our favorite car.

I don’t know about you, but if someone asks me what the aroma is I’m wearing, I don’t think I’d like to respond with oh that’s just the smell of a hummer. Of course, alternatively you could splash on some Funky Ford or spritz a little Cobra Venom on your stinky bits. Old Spice kinda’ guy? The hell with that, how about some Olds Sunfire? There’s surely a car or truck out there that makes you sweat, so would be the smell based on that fav with which you could cover up that sweat? Almost everybody likes the new car smell, but once that faders to but a memory, each brand takes on its own specific funk. If you were to bottle up the distillation of your dream machine to sell, how would you describe the aroma? Would it be a subtle combination of 100 octane and polished aluminum? Whatever it is, one whiff should conjure up visions of its progenitor, and perhaps the desire for a drive. So, what would your favorite car or truck’ cologne smell like? And while we’re on the subject, what would you call your connecting rod infused concoction? Image sources: [Perfumezilla.com, d-kele.com]

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