Hooniverse Asks- If They Re-Made Back to the Future, What'd Play the Delorean?

A discussion ran around One Hooniverse Plaza yesterday (by which I mean a bunch of email volleys between our parent’s basements) regarding the potential of a Back to the Future remake – which you know somebody’s planning out there somewhere – that raised the question: what current car would get the Delorean’s role? As Doc Brown explained it, the reason for choosing a Delorean was the singular properties of its stainless steel skin, as well as his view that if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style? Both of those factors played into a major plot device in the film, that of the car appearing to be so alien back in 1955 as to cause panic in the populous who did manage to glimpse it. Now, if you were to re-make the movie, instead of the ’50s, Marty would be traveling back 30 years into the same decade as was the original’s present day – the ’80s. And of course, this being a science fiction fantasy, they would still use a transport mechanism that’s played more for humor than realism, so it would be a car, not a hot tube. But what car would that be? Obviously there aren’t any cars out there sporting a full stainless steel union suit, and for gull-wing doors your options are few. But Hollywood loves to re-imagine rather than strictly remake, and so you’d have leeway with certain plot points providing the ability to write in the reason for your preferred choice of car. So why don’t you do that? If you were remaking Back to the Future, where Marty travels back 30 years to the ’80s, what car would he use, and what about it would it make the best choice? Get to work, Future-boy! Image sources: [manandhhisbaby, sarcastic gamer]

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