Hooniverse Asks- How'd You Become a Car Nut?

You all visit this site for a reason, and it’s not for the chance of catching a glimpse of Dearthair naked, not that I’m saying that won’t happen. No, you come he because of a shared love of all things automotive and greasy. Whether you like to poke around under the hood and get grease under your nails, love the power and beauty of a well-designed machine, or just like driving fast- you’re all car nuts. But how’d that happen? In my case, I always liked to take things apart- it fascinated me to learn how things worked. I graduated to putting things together and built a fair share of Revell and Monogram models in my day- Planes and ships, but mostly cars. By the time I turned ten, it was a forgone conclusion what my passion would be, and for my eleventh birthday I received a subscription to Competition Press, which may have made me the youngest person receiving that publication at home. So what about you- did you see a neighbor’s Cobra secreted away in a dark garage and it touched you in a way you never thought possible? Was it your first ride in a Corvette? Maybe 10W-40 runs deep in your veins and you’re simply following in the footsteps of your mom or dad or other relative with the car nut bug? So, how did it happen?  What made you so passionate about what has four wheels and flies that you come to places like Hooniverse, Jalopnik and Clunkbucket nearly every day? Image sources:[ annebarron.myadventures.com, daddytypes.com]

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