Hooniverse Asks- How Would You Change the Mustang?

The paint isn’t even dry on the 2011 Mustang, in fact you can’t even buy one of the 305-bhp six-engined cars, nor the new 5.0 V8, and yet we’re still thinking about what the next generation should be like. The Mustang has always been marked by its ability to walk that fine line between sporty economy car and fire-breathing pony car of the apocalypse. It’s this one-car to rule them all ability that has driven Mustang sales over the years, and part of the reason I nominated it as Hooniverse Car of the Year. With the specs for the new ‘Stang now known, and the market for sport coupes constantly shifting like ice floes, it’s never too early to consider what’s next for America’s favorite thoroughbred. So where do you think Ford should take the Mustang? IRS? Eco-boost fours? Most importantly,  what would you like to see in the next Mustang? Image sources: [ecarsavenue, motorpassion]

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