Hooniverse Asks- How Strong is Your Emotional Bond to Your Car?

There have been studies about people’s attachments to their cellphones, which indicate that we view them almost as much affection as the people with whom they keep us in touch. Anthropomorphization, or ascribing personalities to inanimate objects, is a mechanism we use to deal with the intricacies of our lives, just look at the relationship between Tom Hanks and the Soccer ball in Castaway. Sometimes that extends to our cars and trucks, and after all – aside from certain Toyota models – no two are alike. Many of our vehicles express quirks of behavior and endearing proclivities that make them almost seem as individuals. Living with them on a day to day basis means that we tend to form bonds with them – we talk to them, and feel empathy for their pain when they suffer a setback. We’re just that freakin’ sensitive. Or are we? Do you have so strong a bond with your car that you consider it part of your family? And I don’t mean part like that no-good brother in law who is always borrowing your tools and never giving them back – I mean like your kid or something. If so, just how enduring is that bond? Is it like that Subaru ad where an owner goes to the junkyard to retrieve the shift knob from his crumpled and deceased former ride, and reflects upon what it gave up, just for him? Or, is it as tenuous as the stitching in a 25 year old Alfa Romeo’s seat?

Image source: [NYTimes]

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