Hooniverse Asks- How Do You Dress Your Car?

Some people announce just how big their family is on the back of there cars. To me, that’s making it a little too easy for the Pedo Bears to do their shopping. Other folks like to demonstrate their derision for a competing brand by having Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, engage in water sports with the logo. The aisles of Auto Parts stores are filled with flames, shatter sports baseballs and faux portholes. Do you like to adorn your vehicle of choice with such contributions to the arts? Oh, and by the way, Mrs. Cox appears to have a very nice rack.

Some people, myself included, prefer their cars to be au naturale, while others see their rides as rolling billboards, blank canvases for the expression of their artistic bent and perspective. Do you still have that Gore 2000 bumper sticker fading away on your car’s ass? How about a big band aid with “ouch” written on it covering a recent door ding? The options for automotive adornment seem virtually endless and appear to have taken over from the molded plastic cup-holder/tissue box-type accessories at the local Walmarts as impulse purchases. Given that we all seek to broadcast our aspirational self, promoting our favorite team, or our loathing of a rival on our cars can be a highly visible, and non-confrontational method. Although there have been cases of people with rival political views taking physical actions toward those espousing ideas that run counter to theirs, via bumper stickers. We call those people parolees. So, have you ever stuck a sticker on your car? Does Calvin relieve himself on your back window? Is your family lined up on the back of the Hummer for all the world to see? Or, is your car a barren wasteland of opinion? Image sources: [techpin.com, rlsportslines.com]

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