Hooniverse Asks- Have You Ever Sold a Car That You Now Wish You Hadn't?

It happens- you make a plan to clear out a space in the driveway, or to make a few extra bucks, by getting rid of a car that – at the time – you have fallen out of love with. Maybe it was a wild hair that drive the initial purchase, maybe it was too many drinks, but there it is, and for whatever reason, you decide it must go. And then days, weeks, or even months later, you wish you hadn’t. Has that ever happened to you? I can say that it has to me. I used to have a rough but reliable MGB-GT that was my daily driver. Family expansion meant that something with more than just two seats and a vestigial padded shelf in the back was needed, and the B went into the garage while an arrest-me red Dodge Neon took it’s place. At the time, air conditioning and a CD player seemed to outweigh wire wheels and Smiths Gauges, and after a while, the B found a new home. I wish I still had that car as it was filled with great memories and had a soul. Has something similar ever happened to you? Was there a car that you cast away, and later wished you could still find in your drive? Have you ever sold a car and then bought it back again because you realized you had made a mistake?  What great catch did you return to the sea? Image source:[Bring a Trailer]

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