Hooniverse Asks: Have You Ever Been in a Car That Made You Feel Unsafe?

Briggs-Stratton-Flyer-4th-most-unsafe-car I have a 1961 Austin Healey Sprite, a little car that’s about as basic as they come. It lacks creature comforts like, oh say, side windows and a top that doesn’t earn you a merit badge every time you erect it. Most notably perhaps, it lacks seat belts, crumple zones or even so much as a collapsible steering column.  While people used to drive these things all over the place, it’s my Sunday morning when everybody else is asleep ride. Modern cars have given us all a taste of what safety looks like, and to be honest with you, it hasn’t come at the expected expense of performance or convenience. Oh sure, we all kissed simplicity and lightness goodbye a long time ago, but with both cars and traffic today being heavier I think it was a fair trade. But let’s get back to my Sprite. Now, I don’t find it inherently unsafe, However, mixed with other cars and your typical brain dead drivers a situation that’s probably just asking for trouble. I’ve feel a similar situation riding in my friend’s Dodge A100 and my father in law’s MGTF. Maybe modern cars have given me an expectation for safety that I now hold as a gold standard, but I am extra vigilant when driving any of my, or others’ old cars. Do you have the same experience? Or, have you ever been in a car that for some other reason just made you a little leery of your survival? Have you ever been in a car that just plain made you feel unsafe? Image: BuzzInBiz

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