Hooniverse Asks- Do you Deny Yourself Car Brands Because of their Owner's Reputations?

Ricers, BMW douchebags, white belt and matching shoes Buick drivers, many cars and their owners are burdened with stereotypes. While you don’t necessarily have to possess those attributes to drive one, you know that eventually, either you’ll turn into that stereotype, or somebody will peg you as “one of those whatever-drivers.” Because of that, are there particular cars or car makers that you would never consider for fear of being either associated or assimilated? I had a friend, a few years back, that refused to buy a Lotus because his vision of the kind of guy that drove the plastic sports cars was a dude who couldn’t manage to button his shirt past his sternum, filled in that space with gold chains, and rocked the porn-stche and coke spoon. Eventually he broke down and picked up an Elan S2 Coupe, but he never looked comfortable being seen in it. Of course BMW carries a reputation for douchebaggery, especially the newer models when fitted with rubberband-wrapped donks, and emitting  a testicle-bouncing bass beat through their darker than the inside of a well-digger’s ass tinted windows. Like cogency in people, the douche fades with time, and most 20-year old Bimmers exude a different aura- that of a cosmopolitan well past their prime. On the other end of the scale, driving a Ford Focus implies you might just have given up, and a Camry says you had oatmeal for breakfast, again. Porsches have a similar vibe as the rondel brand, but their drivers are seen as even more assholier. So, there’s lots of baggage that some cars have to carry, despite their tiny trunks. A lot of that is not the car’s fault, but that of the owner, who has, over the years, engendered the negative stereotype through thought and deed. And that brings us back to you and your off-limits list. Is there a car, or a brand that you specifically refuse to ever own so that no one can accuse you of being one of those guys? Image sources: [Blanked As Ordered, The Ultimate Douchebag Machine]

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