Hooniverse Asks: Do you car doodle?

Sitting in a working meeting I had two dangerous weapons at my disposal – a pen and paper. I was listening and participating but my hands, when not scribbling notes, were free. That freedom let me to drawing. I came up with what looks like a Jeep CJ.

I don’t have much of artistic abilities and I think that the classic Jeep maybe one of the easiest vehicles to draw, so I’m not showing anything off. But what I do want to know is – am I the only one?

I’ve doodled pistons and other engine components before. I have designed suspension system with the worst geometry one can imagine. I can draw 1980’s style dashboards, too – all square and easy to use. What have you doodled?

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3 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: Do you car doodle?”

  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    found some old college notebooks recently. I definitely put more ink into car doodles than into actual notes.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    Often. And I have since I was a kid.

    When we go to the beach I like to find just the right stick so I can doodle car sketches in the sand. It’s kind of a running joke in my family. I like to draw in the area just above the incoming tide, which is damp but not wet. The sand provides just right amount of resistance, like using a good pencil and paper. It only gets washed every few waves (only one of the occasional big ones takes it out), so I have enough time to get a rough sketch down before it’s wiped. The time window forces me to throw down my ideas quickly, without over-thinking the sketch. Much like mowing the lawn, it’s a meditative thing.

  3. Sjaloodle Avatar

    There was a long time between when I stopped doing that as a teenager until I got my own kids, when doodling became more abstract and less car-like. But since I became a father and we draw stuff together, also the doodles tend to start with two wheels again. Your Jeep is looking good, Kamil, an iconic design that is a great choice for reflex-like drawing.