Hooniverse Asks- Did You Make Any Auto-Related New Years Resolutions?

I think that, aside from Hooniverse, 2010 pretty much sucked raw camel under-tail. That being said, here we are with a bright shiny new year, all rife with possibilities and opportunity for change. So, petrol heads what’s on your agenda for two-oh-double hockey sticks? Are you planning to stimulate the economy with a new car purchase? Or maybe you’ll finally grow the balls required to ask that neighbor with the trespassers will be shot signs on his property if you can cop a peek at what looks to be a Yenko Camaro in his barn.
Whatever the impetus, we want you to share them here. I for one am planning to have two running Healeys by years end, instead of the current number which is. . .  zero.
Image source: [ystenes via Flickr]

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  1. Tropical Ice Cube Avatar
    Tropical Ice Cube

    Buy a pre-WW2 oldtimer. I am thinking Citroen C4 or B14; maybe a Rosalie. And get this '82 Dnepr sidecar out of storage and .back on the road.
    Look at http://www.365daysofa.com and see if that doesn't tickles where it should.

    1. RichardKopf Avatar

      I love following that Model A.

  2. muthalovin Avatar

    The only real resolution I have is to get the Monster sorted and ride it to as many car/bike shows as possible.

  3. dculberson Avatar

    My resolution is to get the Quad4 CRX rebuilt and back on a race track in 2011. Probably for the October Chumpcar race at Nelson Ledges. I would prefer to run Lemons, but they just don't have any close enough for my team. (Closest is 8 hours drive.)

  4. SSurfer321 Avatar

    To get an employee parking space in Lexington, KY…unfortunately that's my only automotive themed resolution this year.

    1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

      Home of the famous lubricant?

  5. engineerd Avatar

    My car-related resolutions are much the same as last years, unfortunately. I went to one of the car shows at my church, but I'd like to go to more. This spring I want to go to cars and coffee, so hopefully the wife will take the dog to play time once in a while since they are both on Saturday mornings. I want to go back to, and maybe volunteer at, the Concours d'Elegance of America (formerly known as the Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance). And I want to volunteer at and maybe run in a TSD rally.
    That last one reminds me…I need to pay some SCCA dues.

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      You helped me to make two more resolutions:
      – promote the car show I chair at my church a whole lot better this year.
      – get to some kind of car race this year — drag, road race, dirt track, karting…but something.

  6. Ryans92L Avatar

    Keep the trans spinning in the Taurus, 200,000 down and (hopefully) many more to go!

  7. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Hmm. Tangentially, I suppose. My new years resolution is to work at everything I do that little bit harder. Mainly to try and get my career somewhere closer to being on track, I certainly don't want to be stuck here at the dealership when I hit 30 (in four months time).
    If that resolution happens to encompass driving that little bit harder, then so be it.

    1. Alex Kierstein Avatar
      Alex Kierstein

      I turn 30 in May. We should have a pity party together.

      1. Deartháir Avatar

        I'm surrounded by goddamn children!

        1. Alex Kierstein Avatar
          Alex Kierstein

          This diaper ain't gonna change itself, Mitch. Hop to it.

          1. jjd241 Avatar

            I've got warts on my ass that are older than 30!

        2. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
          Peter Tanshanomi

          You and me both, old man.

        3. engineerd Avatar

          What's funny is, to some we are children, too. Well, that may have something to do with the way we act, but still…

          1. Deartháir Avatar


      2. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

        Ah! I'm in good company, then. The Cyanide can go back in the safe.
        I share a birthday with Peter Frampton. Peter Fucking Frampton.

        1. Black Steelies Avatar

          At least you don't share a name with that no talent ass clown, Michael fucking Bolton.

          1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

            Shit! If I did I'd have to use a psudonym. Something with no possible negative associations, Billy Ray Cyrus, something like that.

  8. OA5599 Avatar

    I hadn't really considered it, but that sounds like an excellent idea.
    1) I got run over in January, and after I got out of the hospital and wheelchair, it was too hard to get in and out of the Typhoon. I think it has logged fewer than 50 miles in the last 50 weeks, part of that due to issues that spring up during unplanned long-term disuse (battery, dried out seals, etc.). I think it is time to start logging some TypHoonimiles.
    2) Get the Lemons car to a track.

  9. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi


    1. OA5599 Avatar

      …or feed any homeless orphans?

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        Oh, I'll feed them. They just can't come to stay with me "for a little while." Because we all know what that means.

    2. GTXEliminator Avatar

      Speaking of PWCs I'm mighty tempted to go look at a 1996 Sea-Doo XP in suposed running condition with a trailer for only 1K, it'd be a nice addition to my cursed '02 Sea-Doo GTX DI but common sense tells me not to do it and save for a Centurion F-150 that I have on my radar.

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        '96 XP? Nice ski, but it rates right up with the 1st Gen SHO and Grand National on the overhyped-by-fanboi-cult-ometer. (For further informaton, refer to Hoonicast #2)

        1. GTXEliminator Avatar

          I was raised on Sea-Doo but I wouldn't mind say a 1100 STI or Ultra 150. Hey, Tanshanomi you ride your skies on Lake of the Ozarks?

          1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
            Peter Tanshanomi

            Don't ever go to LOTO — Table Rock is a jillion times nicer in every aspect, and not that much farther a drive.

          2. GTXEliminator Avatar

            I have to totally agree but LOTO is alot closer to STL.Though there are some aspects of LOTO that are fun like the oodles of waves to jump.

    3. Deartháir Avatar

      I do have a '81 CB750 that's in need of some love. You know, if you're looking for a project…

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        I am desperately resisting both a $300 Bultaco Campera in St. Louis and a $150 Suzuki GS700ES here in KC. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to it —

        1. Alff Avatar

          Hmm … a $150 Suzuki GS700ES available locally, you say?

          1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
            Peter Tanshanomi

            Yep. Not running but all there, cosmetically only so-so, no title. Replacement paperwork would cost $375 through Broadway Title. Send your email to me through the tips line and I'll get you the guy's contact info and the photos he sent me of it.
            I would love for somebody to 1) take advantage of it, and 2) deliver me from temptation.

          2. Alff Avatar

            I appreciate the offer. Upon further consideration, with input from my better half, I'm right where you are.

  10. buzzboy7 Avatar

    Having been searching for a GTO/IS300/E34-540i for the last 9 months, I hereby resolve to finally buy one, eventually, this year.

  11. LTDScott Avatar

    Sorta kinda…. For the last three years, all of my spare car time has been devoted to LeMons racing, and I have neglected my other project cars. Given the fact that Prickstine is going to need a new engine or at least a rebuild, I'm giving LeMons a rest for a while and decided to focus attention back on my LTD. I need to fix a leaking intake manifold gasket, and I just bought a tubular K-member to match the tubular control arms my fiancee gave me for our engagement.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      My big wagon's been mostly sitting unused and unloved since a certain BMW showed up in Jan '09.
      I should've gotten out from under it then, but I keep telling myself that I've got just a couple of things to fix before I can sell it. Then said things get postponed until after the next LeMons race. I believe I've gone through that cycle for 4 races now.

  12. skitter Avatar

    1. 3rd Timing Belt, Seal Up Trunk, Stop Fender Rust
    2. Buy Floor Jack (Edit: And Drain Pan, So As To Stop Borrowing)
    3. Name Van
    4. Build Prototype Kart

  13. Froggmann_ Avatar

    Finally get my Bronco back on the road. It's a simple fix, just re-seal the timing cover to the block. Problem is I have to disassemble the whole front of the engine to do it.

  14. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    to relocate to a domicile with a garage…and… either make a vehicle that i have a more reliable daily driver, or get it in good sell/trade in condition and get something i can enjoy.

  15. Maymar Avatar

    Strictly speaking, I didn't make any resolutions. But as long as I don't ignore the Jeep in the garage, I'm doing okay. I'd like to see it on the road for the summer, but that might be ambitious.

  16. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    Indeed, I have resolved to finally chase down a FC pickup, or van in the case of a lack of pickups. It's frustrating to finally have the funds and find that the pool of applicants has dried up. I blame Murilee and his A100.

  17. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    I resolve to take my car in for an oil change on or before January 16, when the $10 off coupon from Oil Can Henry's expires…

  18. Alff Avatar

    Perform 2 tune ups, service three slushboxes and two transfer cases, rust repair to one rear hatch, replace two sets of e-brake cables, replace a lower driver's seat cover, rent a booth and paint the Alfa and buy two sets of tires. If there's time, start to build the full size Mystery Machine replica I'd like my wife to use for her floral business.

  19. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    Hooboy…here we go:
    1) Get the garage re-sorted from the LeMons and storm-generated leaves and water mess that it is now. Get tools into new box, re-arrange assorted boxes.
    2) Get Uberbird (along with assorted parts) to top secret new location with top secret work crew
    3) Get rear driveshaft re-installed on Jeep, consider swapping on hard top…but fix small holes in hard top first.
    4) Quick Falcon work: steering link, adjust valves, carb
    5) Begin fix-up process on Country Sedan: wipers, dash electrical, brake MC, seat cover, carpet, headliner, rust spots, etc etc
    6) Quick fixes on utility trailer: wiring, worst rust spots.
    6) Sell Country Sedan
    7) Sell Jeep
    8) Buy house with garage?
    9) Buy Mazda5
    Oh…and keep updating Hooniverse as much as possible.

    1. LTDScott Avatar

      Once again, I don't know how you do it. I only have two project cars (the LTD and Prickstine) and that's all I want to have.
      Luckily my garage is pretty well set up so I don't have to worry about working on the place where I work on the cars.

      1. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        "I don't know how you do it"
        The answer is: poorly. Hence the need to get out from under some cars.
        The tricky part is deciding how much time (it's already been decided: little-to-no money) to spend on the Country Sedan. I've got a ton of parts, each of which needs 1-2 days to get in and working properly, after which it'll be a much more impressive (or at least, less dilapidated) machine.
        The problem is, I dunno if 2-3 months worth of weekends is worth spending on a car that I'm planning on selling anyway. On one hand, it could make $1-2k difference in price and would be nice to go out on a high note. On the other, it'd be nice to be out from under it, figuratively, literally, and mentally.

      2. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        When I was in college, the department dean was on campus from 6 o'clock in the morning until at least 9-10 PM, even though he was well past retirement age. The widespread rumor was that he deeply disliked his wife of 50+ years.
        Not that any of this implies anything about Tim's marriage.

    2. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Report Country Sedan stolen, collect insurance money, swap vin and give to Jeff

      1. Alex Kierstein Avatar
        Alex Kierstein

        Nothin' like startin' the new year off right … with a little insurance fraud.

      2. Deartháir Avatar

        Sell Country Sedan to Jeff for roughly twice going market price, telling him it's an "ultra rare special edition". And using Jedi Mind Trick.

        1. Alff Avatar

          Given your predisposition exposed on Atomic Toasters today, don't you mean convince Jeff to buy Country Sedan by doing best Harry Mudd impression?

          1. Deartháir Avatar

            Vulcan Mind Meld?

  20. Hoonda Avatar

    Install all the suspension parts I have in my garage onto my accord.
    Get the accord painted.
    Build the F23 that is going into the car (11:1 compression for the win!)
    Port the head
    install cam.
    Install dual runner intake manifold
    Bore out throttle body a few mm
    install in car, make sure everything is running well, and hit a dyno to see how much more I'm making than if I'd gone with a stock motor swap.
    Proceed to enjoy the automatic barking the 1-2 shift at full throttle. Its getting a manual in 2012

  21. GTXEliminator Avatar

    To get my running boards off and the paint fixed on the Magic Bronco.

  22. LTDScott Avatar

    I hate you, Hoonibles.

  23. CaptainZeroCool Avatar

    My resolutions were the same as last year.
    1: Sell the F100
    2: Sell the Town Car
    3: ???
    4: Profit
    5: Get Camaro road worthy.

  24. Black Steelies Avatar

    Probably a decent resolution would be to allow some of these points on my license time out. Why didn't I refute that damn 25mph over violation when I was 18? Driving a minivan downhill over the limit certainly doesn't deserve 7 whole points.

    1. ptschett Avatar

      I've been kicking myself over my last two tickets, a 17-over on a city stretch of interstate 2 years ago and a 16-over on a deserted 4-lane street last year. On 55 MPH or slower roads, 15 over is the magic number in ND, you only get 1 point for that; but 16-20 is 3 points, and about 3 days after you pay the fine for 3+ point infractions the state informs some third party company that works for the insurance companies so they can jack your rates. Each time I could have paid the fine with a $20 bill and gotten change back; the rate increase is what hurt. Next time I get a ticket for more than 15 over I'm getting a court date and trying to plead it down to 15-over and not enough points to matter.
      Oh, and the defensive driving course (which I took the 2nd time) didn't help either, though it was an amusing way to spend an evening. My read of the statute was that it would eliminate the points, but the DMV doesn't read it that way. (What part of "shall not be assessed" they don't understand, I don't know.)

      1. Black Steelies Avatar

        Yes the insurance is what hurts, but in my case it ends up hurting the parents. I was lead to believe points are supposed to take 18 months until they go away but my friend's girlfriend/handy DMV employee said my record still shows 9 points and thats only from 2 infractions. ND sounds like a dream compared to NY, strict troopers at every bend trying to shore up the deficit.
        Another friend got clocked at 20-something over on our recent ski expedition to Whiteface. Afterwards he said his dad knows a russian guy "in the city" that is registered to administer the defensive driving course but simply forges some dates/signatures, takes your money and you're on your way. What the DMV does with that is up to them I suppose haha.

  25. JayP Avatar

    Mine is to get back to instructing for the local DE guys. I may even retake the instructor's training since it's been close to 8 years since I have been in a formal class.
    Last year's resolution was to get a loud car. Accomplished with 1 month to spare.

  26. ptschett Avatar

    It was brewing for a while, but last year I decided I was going to buy a late-model musclecar to replace my old T-bird, and take a long vacation to go somewhere I've never been. I got halfway, I bought the car.
    I might put some time into fixing the T-bird's various flaws. It could use a hood and a rear bumper cover, and tires, and paint on the rocker panels, and I just learned that I should have changed the differential fluid 91,000 miles ago (though it still works fine)…
    Also I need to figure out why the KLR650 doesn't want to run at over 25% throttle openings anymore. I looked at everything in the carb last summer but couldn't find the issue; I'm starting to think it's the ignition system. Trouble is, a 50,000 mile, 11-year-old single-cylinder bike is worth maybe what, $1000? And the ignition module is $400-something new.

  27. optflv Avatar

    To remember that I only live once, and that I need to stop putting off the fun car-related stuff I keep saving for "when I have more time and money".
    2011 needs to end with some sort of awesome project car, or something altogether ridiculous.

  28. Desmond Bloodough Avatar

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  29. AJMarcy Avatar

    Sell my Jaguar XJS, and replace it with something reliable; and not a Classic Range Rover like I want.

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