Hooniverse Asks- Are You Known For Your Car-Affiliation?

Carroll Shelby will forever be inexorably linked to his epochal Cobra sports cars. No matter that prior to their inception he had a pretty successful racing career, or that his Southern California shops also turned out a butt-load of other successful racers and road cars, he’ll always be the Cobra guy. We should all have it that bad.

Some of us do – one of Hooniverse’s favorite Hoons is the lemons E30 campaigner and unique-choice Ford fanatic known as LTD Scott, who is forever linked to the fox platform Fairmont replacement, the LTD II. Hey Scott! In my small circle of acquaintances I know someone who is considered ‘The Jag Guy‘ and another who is the NSU go-to.  And when judging at Concours events there’s alway a Ferrari guy or a Rolls guy whose vast knowledge of specific brand minutia makes them the only ones worthy of appraising such hallowed brands. They have, so to speak, been brand-branded.

But what about you? You’re certainly a Hoon, otherwise why else would you be here? That means that you have a certain bent for cars and trucks, and as such you assuredly have become close to one make or model more so than any other. Are you the Mustang guy? Or maybe you’re the M3 girl? Is that the case, how well known are you by your car affiliation?

Image: [The Selvedge Yard]

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