Hooniverse Asks- Are you Afraid of Your Airbag?

Eyes That image above isn’t from the latest Sci-Fi opus, it is instead the result of an automotive airbag deployment. That’s the imprint of the bag fabric weave on the eyeball of an accident victim.  I realize that the alternative of an airbag deploying like a catcher’s mitt is crashing head-first into the dash, or impromptu facial plastic surgery by way of the windscreen, but holy mackerel that’s scary! This isn’t the only recent butt-clencher when it comes to airbags, nor is it the most alarming. One of the most recent recall notices – among what currently seems to be all cars ever built – is for Nissans, Hondas, Fords, and others, to address airbags that are deploying… for the hell of it! Airbags have been around now for about 30-years or more, and statistics have shown that their adoption has reduced automotive fatalities and serious injuries by a sizable amount. But that doesn’t mean that having an explosive device pointed at your face the entire time you are behind the wheel is necessarily something the engenders peace of mind. Have you experienced any trepidation regarding being in a car with airbags, especially in light of the recent recalls where they seem to want to do their thing on their own timetable? Are you a little bit scared of your airbags? Image: nejm.org

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