Hooniverse Asks: Are There Neighborhoods You Avoid Driving In Because The Roads are Too Dangerous?

There are certain places I simply don’t like going, the dentist and Chuck E Cheese’s being two that pop immediately to mind. There are also certain areas that I try to avoid because U.S. infrastructure sucks big time and the roads there are too brutal to bear.
One example of that is California’s 5 Freeway skirting the Los Angeles basin. For most of its route through the state the 5 is a long, boring, but reliably smooth ribbon of road. Hit the outskirts of LaLa Land however and its years supporting truck traffic show up as pot holes, uneven concrete separations, and those big rigs that made it so unpleasant in the first place. I haven’t lost a filling yet on the drive, but it’s only a matter of time.
I don’t really have a choice not to travel the 5 as the alternatives aren’t any better, and I have to get to my day job or face the consequences. There are other areas that I DO avoid due to road conditions, traffic, and generally unpleasant experiences, and I’ll bet you have the same. If so, what are the roads or neighborhoods you avoid because they are just too dangerous?
Image: NY News Daily

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  1. 0A5599 Avatar

    Once I was riding in a friend’s truck and a shot rang out from the other side of some bushes lining the road. About six years later, I moved into an apartment on the opposite side of the same road, less than a half mile away from where we got shot at.
    Probably not.

  2. GTXcellent Avatar

    I live in a low population, low crime rural netherworld paradise with a large 4 wheel drive truck with aggressive tires. No, there is not a road, trail, cow path, lane or rutted track that I won’t drive down (unless it’s private property – there’s some real wackos that I would not want to encounter where I’m in the wrong)

  3. Kiefmo Avatar

    Should I be?

  4. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

    Many of the county roads around where I live now (Southern Alabama) are dirt roads, but they’re all pretty well maintained. All of the paved roads around here are pretty nice too since the weather doesn’t really fluctuate between extremely cold winters and hot summers. So, no.

    1. Kiefmo Avatar

      Oh man, you’re from LA? Whereabouts? I got in-laws down there!
      I’m jealous of your dirt roads. I learned to drive partly pretending I was Bo Duke on the dirt roads of my county. I miss the easy oversteer, rooster tails, and going ass-first into grassy ditches when I ran out of talent.

      1. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

        No, I’m not from Louisiana, but I live in Alabama right now (only for a few more months though). I haven’t really spent much time hooning on the dirt roads since a lot of them have people living on them and they’re pretty narrow with small hills and two-way traffic.

        1. Kiefmo Avatar

          Heh. I’m from Georgia originally. “LA” to us is “Lower Alabama.” Enterprise, Dothan, round those parts.

          1. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

            Ohhhh, okay, yes we are then in “LA.” My wife is an Army aviator about to finish flight school, so we’re at Fort Rucker. It seems like everyone I know knows someone who lives around here. It’s kinda crazy.

          2. countersteer Avatar

            I’m from UCLA… Upper Central Lower Alabama. South of Montgomery. Troy, Pine Level, etc.

  5. The Real Number_Six Avatar
    The Real Number_Six

    I lived in Asia for nearly a decade. No.

    1. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

      I have a relative who lives in Southeast Asia. Some of the stories she tells me about traffic are pretty nuts. In the past two years she’s been in a motorcycle accident, a train wreck, seen someone killed on a motorcycle right in front of her (literally a second away from it being her getting killed), etc.

      1. The Real Number_Six Avatar
        The Real Number_Six

        Yep, that’s pretty much par for the course. The stuff you witness or end up involved in is just unbelievable and relentless. Boston traffic before the Big Dig was legendary in North America, but it wouldn’t even rate as more than a mild inconvenience in much of Asia (not including Japan).

  6. JayP Avatar

    35E in Dallas used to be a high speed death trap.
    Narrow lanes, no shoulders. I saw a car stopped in the HOV lane and saw on the news a part of a dump truck fell off and entered the driver’s head. I found a new commute.
    These days it looks more like a parking lot… as I pass over it on 121.

    1. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

      Need moar long-travel.

    2. Sjalabais Avatar

      Comes across as Saskatoonistan.

  7. pj134 Avatar

    Well, this winter was pretty mild so the roads around the Philadelphia metropolitan area didn’t take too bad a beating. Last year was horrific though. I definitely avoided some streets to keep my wheels intact.
    I do try to avoid North Philly as much as possible but that’s not the roads fault. Similarly, has anyone here ever gone through gentrification? It’s weird man. I’ve grown up lived outside of Philly my entire life and it was always a shitty dirty place. That was kind of its charm. I went to a show my friends were playing at a bar I hadn’t been to since 2014 recently and was kind of shocked. Everything was clean and new but didn’t feel at all like it was Philly. I guess I shouldn’t bitch about improvements but I had to walk a mile to find a yellow sign Chinese place to get some 1 am grub. It was weirdly residential all throughout.

    1. marmer Avatar

      This is true of much of Central Houston. Lately Waze has been taking me through several near-ghetto neighborhoods on my morning commute. I don’t feel endangered by the residents but I am afraid I’m going to bend a rim on the big (and sometimes hard to spot) potholes.

      1. pj134 Avatar

        Only one of these are random violence from what I can tell, but accuracy isn’t usually a part of the game plan in Philly shootings so that’s why I prefer to avoid certain parts of the city. That and the Kensington zombies (not north philly, still should be avoided).

        1. njhoon Avatar

          I think I maybe little older than you, but the idea of buying anything in Kensington let alone for what they go for now is just… so odd. I remember driving through Kensington in the 80’s to get to my friends house in (now a hot spot) Port Richmond. It was blocks and blocks of uninhabited drug riddled wasteland seemingly pulled from some Hollywood set.

          1. pj134 Avatar

            I’m in my mid twenties, so probably. It’s getting bizarre man. When you look at this http://bit.ly/1piFRGF you think “Yup, that’s Ortlieb’s”. I was there last night and it’s all brand new luxury row homes and apartments. Not the one or two you see if you back up on 3rd st enough, the entire street almost straight through to Girard. I know it was late on a Wednesday but I think I saw one other person on my walk to Girard and fourth to get my grub. Kensington is still a wasteland of those who partake in life destroying amounts of heroin, which is why I try to avoid it, but it’s going to get hit soon. Just give it 5 years.

  8. njhoon Avatar

    I grew up around Philly like PJ134 and am now a resident. There are whole sections of the city and NJ I will not go in. Doesn’t matter if it is 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning just, NOPE. Much of this stems from several friends and family members are policemen and I have heard of what really happens. When the down side to something is death, I like to avoid it

    1. pj134 Avatar

      As far as actual roads I think the only one that should be completely avoided at all proper hours is the Schuylkill Expressway due to the fuckery that is the Conshohocken curve.
      Kelly Drive should host an F1 or Indy race. Come down Kelly around the museum, cross over to MLK Jr Drive and cross back at falls bridge. It would be a test, that’s for sure. Plus, that would make them repave it.

  9. rovingardener Avatar

    Since I drive a bus at an active mine I have to avoid vehicles bigger than my house, so yeah I am a bit careful.

  10. Krautwursten Avatar

    Half my town is pre-war cobblestone, including about 20% of my work commute. Such is life in the Old World. I think I’m not going to buy that Miata after all.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      http://i.imgur.com/ZfmPhCX.jpg Solves your problems!

  11. peugeotdude505 Avatar

    Richmond, suburb of Vancouver BC