Hooniverse 24 Hours of Lemons Racing: We're off to New Jersey

IMG_0518 We’re off! And by we I mean my teammates Andy and Mike. Teammate #3, Christo Tinkov of OneHotLap.com, is driving his M Coupe is leaving after rush hour tonight. I’ll be lucky to leave Boston before midnight, but I am lucky to be going at all. You see, I have two little kids and my wife is letting me go for the entire Mothers’ Day weekend. She’s actually been very accommodating about the whole thing which I find really surprising, in a surprising sort of way. She’s Italian, and by Italian I mean Sicilian… I have no idea what’s going on and no idea what to expect when I get back home. IMG_0519 Aside from averaging four hours of interrupted sleep per night, I am doing ok-ish. The good news is that I am not nervous like last time because a) I know what to expect and b) I don’t have the time to be nervous. After I get home at 7:00pm I have to put the kids to bed, clean up, pack, and drive. Hopefully I won’t forget too much stuff along the way. IMG_0520 If you’re going to be at the race, stop by and say hi. Unfortunately due to depleted inventory and someone’s (name sounds like Geff Bluger) failure to re-order, I won’t have any stickers or t-shirts to give away. 🙁  

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