Hoonivercinema: Rolling Coal in a Benz…The Opposite of a Sleeper

You have an old Mercedes Diesel and it’s perilously slow. Ask Jeff, he yanked his five-cylinder diesel out of the Wombat. Still, there is something enjoyable about working with what you have. Rather than stick a V8 in there make do with what the torquey little beast can put down and have a hell of a good time.
The crew over at 1320Video caught this 1984 Mercedes 300D at the Street Car Takeover in Orlando covered in Rhino Liner and spewing coal on its way to a fairly miserable 1/4 mile time. It’s not always about having the fastest car, but as the old adage says “having character can go a long way.”

Using the standard mechanical fuel injection and a 240d manual transmission swap this Mercedes is chock full of character. I’m a strong proponent of good sounding five-cylinder engines (even diesels) and if I had the opportunity I would beat the crap out of this.
Click the video to see what I’m talking about.
[Source: 1320Video YouTube channel]

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  1. Bret Avatar

    I love that. Hood mounted smokestacks are just cool.

  2. longrooffan Avatar

    Florida FTW!

  3. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    I rather enjoy the whole double bluff, looks like it might be fast but isn’t, thing. It would be almost disappointing if it was.

  4. Krautwursten Avatar

    If you think pointless pollution constitutes character, that’s .. your opinion I guess. I for my part am glad that inspections keep these smoking heaps off public roads in my fairly populated country. This goes double for ideologic coal rolling. Seriously, how ignorant and self important can people be?

    1. Jason Connor Avatar

      Because ‘Merica

    2. Batshitbox Avatar

      In most setups “ideologic coal rolling” is a matter of flipping a switch, and is used seldom, and usually at a show. You can pass inspection just fine. It’s no more ignorant and self important than doing a burnout or a few donuts. Compared to one day in the life of an actual coal burning power plant (which it looks like your fairly populated country is still building) it’s a small amount of pollution.

      1. Jason Connor Avatar

        That being said, the person who daily drives their “Bro Truck” and rolls coal at every light, is an asshole.

    3. mdharrell Avatar

      “If you think pointless pollution constitutes character….”
      Fortunately my car has a set of points.

  5. CraigSu Avatar

    It’s not a sleeper, it’s a narcoleptic. The smoke rings at idle at about 0:17 are a nice touch.

    1. Jason Connor Avatar

      I about lost it when I saw those rings

  6. neight428 Avatar

    Good showmanship on the video. They didn’t give away that it was dog slow until you see that Neon blazing away from it like Bob Glidden. Showing the Nissan get a 13.5 and then continuing to roll for a few seconds with no time ever popping up for the Benz was funny too.
    The smoke rings were a nice touch.