Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video

Places In Time- Chicago

Urban environments and the automobile may not always get along, but there’s no doubt that over the past century cars have had a massive influence on the design and vibrancy of America’s great cities. While we normally have a traditional music video to start our week off – typically one in which cars play a pivotal role – today I thought a good way to kick things off would be this amazing video where one of the world’s most underrated cities partakes in the lead and cars play a secondary role.

Chicago is one of my favorite cities and this video by Chris Pritchard lovingly looks at its skyline, its roads, its beaches and its people, all in hummingbird time. It’s truly beautiful and mesmerizing. Check it out after the jump.

Places in Time: Chicago from Chris Pritchard on Vimeo.


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2 responses to “Hoonivercinema- Monday Music Video”

  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    i've lived in chicago since i was born, and i am kind of not sure what this guy is talking about. downtown chicago is a cultural dead zone. one wouldn't go to downtown unless one had some engagement scheduled, or was attending an event.
    the park spaces are too far away from residences and non-business locations, so going to them can be onerous. the street-level retail does not invite lingering. the sidewalks are too empty to generate interest as anything besides a pedestrian corridor. the magnificent mile is the one bright spot, and even that is just people shuffling between shops.
    a lot of people praise downtown chicago as a well-planned place, and it may be that in that it gets people around efficiently and effectively. but it's not an exciting place unless you're into barhopping or public transportation. you have to move away from city center to see people actually living, interacting with their space in a real capacity.
    i dunno – there's probably people who can provide good arguments as to why i'm wrong. but i don't like being downtown. i will certainly grant that it is very picturesque, and that the complaints i have are probably common to most american cities (exceptions i can think of being new york and san francisco, though i feel the same about ny's financial district).

  2. Preludacris Avatar

    I had a moment of strong deja vu seeing that screenshot. It was so familiar I had to stare at it for about 15 seconds. Finally figured out why I almost felt like I took that picture. It's because I did, in 2010. I used it in a personal blog post musing about cars and how they affect our lives – too embarrassingly sophomoric to post here three years later, but here's the shot for kicks.
    <img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_-UchhJdiidY/TPCJVD3FG1I/AAAAAAAAAfE/SecIhA_KX_M/s1600/CtD-1797.jpg&quot; width="600">