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I’m sure you all know that Alice Cooper is the name of a group and not that of the dude with all the black eye makeup who acts as its ringmaster. His name is Vincent Furnier, and despite his reputation for macabre and shocking stage antics is a truly nice guy. Of course what gets all the press is the legend, not the reality and so more people would say that he’s the guy that bites the heads off of things and worships Satan rather than that he’s the dude with a passion for golf and a 38-year marriage.

Because of that rep for the occult, a lot of folks won’t even listen to Alice Cooper, lest doing so makes them turn their back on good and take up evil as a hobby, doing such things as stealing candy from babies and farting on elevators. That’s too bad because Alice Cooper puts on one hell of a show, filled with theatrics and the kind of hokey scares that let you know you’re in on the joke. Furnier is from Detroit, which of course is the Motor City, and he is a huge car guy as well. That didn’t translate into an impressive (admittedly wet) track time when he was on Top Gear, but it does show up in the song Under My Wheels, which you can see in a most excellent live performance right after the jump.


Source: YouTube

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