Hoonivercinema- Monday Movie Trailer DOUBLE FEATURE!

Just exactly how many times does Nicolas Cage have to check out of Hell and fight ultimate evil in order to save someone he loves? Well, so far he’s done so on a motorcycle in Ghost Rider and – in a series of amazing American muscle cars – in Drive Angry, and today we’ve got them both. Compare and contrast.
Based on the Marvel comic book Graphic Novel, Ghost Rider has Cage playing Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt rider who gives up his soul in return for the cure of his father’s cancer. Dad instead dies in a motorcycle accident, which doesn’t dissuade Johnny from becoming a stunt rider like his old man. Meanwhile, agents of the Devil offer Johnny his soul back in turn for his becoming a skeletal grim reaper of sorts who rides a flaming bike, and collects bad guys’ souls. Of course, there’s a pretty girl involved too.
In contrast, Cage’s character in Drive Angry is named John Milton (subtle, no?) who has broken out of Hell to save his granddaughter from a sacrifice by an evil cult leader. He’s followed by another agent of the Devil, played with hysterical deadpan by William Fichtner. Of course, there’s a pretty girl involved too.
Check out the trailers for this Cage match double feature right after the jump.
Drive Angry is $2.99 to rent from most of the usual streamers.

Ghost Rider is also available to rent from the same sources, and for the same price.

Image sources: IMPAwards, GetBent57

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  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    I wonder how many trailers coming out of Hollywood have carried the line "his last shot at redemption"? For some reason, Netflix has recommended "Drive Angry" to me several times, but I haven't yet been tempted. If Netflix ever recommends "Ghost Rider" to me, I am going to lock myself in the basement, cry like a baby, and wonder what I've done wrong to deserve this.

    1. Ate Up With Motor Avatar
      Ate Up With Motor

      Maybe it's your last chance of redemption.

  2. alewifecove Avatar

    Cage started out great with Moonstruck and Raising Arizona. Then he just got stupid.

  3. Ate Up With Motor Avatar
    Ate Up With Motor

    Isn't this functionally the premise of Con Air? I suppose there the Nick Cage character is merely in prison rather than literally in hell, but you see what I mean.