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Have you ever noticed that Clint Eastwood’s good-guy characters are never all that good? In Thunderbolt and Lightfoot he got to play the full-on baddie, portraying a notorious bank robber and preacher impersonator nicknamed “The Thunderbolt.” The 1974 crime flick was written and directed by Michael Cimino, a former Madison Avenue TV commercial director – one of the original Mad Men – who would later go on to direct Deer Hunter and the fabled debacle Heaven’s Gate.
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot however is far from a debacle, and co-stars the ever likable Jeff Bridges as Lightfoot, the other half of the titular team. Other noteworthy names attached to the film are George Kennedy, who was in pretty much ever ’70s movie, as well as Geoffery Lewis and Catherine Bach. The plot involves a bank heist, a double cross, and lots and lots of cool iron as the gang attempts to stay one peel-out ahead of the authorities and… well, each other.
Featuring prominently amongst that iron are a ’73 Pontiac Trans Am stolen early on by Bridges, a sweet ’51 Merc, a boattail Riviera that gets its boattail shot full of holes, and a Cushman Truckster ice cream man truck.  Not only is Thunderbolt and Lightfoot full of cool cars, but it’s also a pretty good flick. Plus it has Jeff Bridges in drag! Check out the trailer right after the jump.
Holy cow, an Eastwood movie that’s not available somewhere? It looks like it’s Netflix disc or waiting for TMC for this one.

H/T to Mike Sliczniak for the movie suggestion!
Image: YouTube

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  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    A great film, IMHO.

  2. GTXcellent Avatar

    Don’t forget the sweet, shackled, Plymouth Fury with the rabbits in the trunk.