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Hot Rod Girls Save The World (2009 Movie Trailer)
Do you like Hot Rods? How about Girls who save the World? If so, then you’ll likely enjoy the low-budget 2009 flick Hot Rod Girls Save the World. From what exactly do the Hot Rod Girls save the World? Well flesh-eating zombies created by a zombie ray from the planet Moosha of course.
The plot – and I use that term loosely – revolves around a reporter sent to a town in Washington for a story on a pair of Hot Rod Girls who build and race street rods like the boys, but get no respect because they’re Hot Rod Girls instead of Hot Rod Boys. She just so happens to arrive just as the baddie from the Planet Moosha turns his zombie ray on the small town, which apparently is interfering with his TV reception.
Murders, wrongful accusations of said murders, and a whole lot of rockabilly ensue. Is it a good movie? Well, that depends on your interpretation of good. It is a fun movie, harkening back to the Hot Rod/Monster/Teens gone wrong flicks of the ’50s. Check out the trailer and see for yourself right after the jump.
Unfortunately I can’t find any place where you might be able to stream Hot Rod Girls Save the World, but you can buy a kustom edition DVD of the film for $12.99 from the official site.
One final note; Kimberly Lynn Layfield, who played Betty Petty in the film was killed in a Seattle café shooting in 2012 in a random and completely stupid act by a mentally unhinged a-hole.

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