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What if you were fast and were furious, and were also insanely rich? Would you want to race some of the last decade’s most expensive and highest performance hypercars? Of course you would. In fact, you’d race them to the redline. That’s just what happens in 2007’s cars and crashes actioner, Redline. This movie is perhaps best remembered – if it’s remembered at all – for co-star Eddie Griffin having crashed and seriously messed up a Ferrari Enzo during its filming. You’d expect that kind of behavior of Peter Griffin, but Eddie?
Griffin stars with Animal House alum Tim Matheson, and Nathan Phillips, who only a year before had to battle snakes on a plane with SLJ, so you know he’s got some action creds. The action here centers around illegal racing, mob bosses, and a hot rock band singer who’s also one of the world’s greatest drivers. Oh yeah, and that Porsche Carrera GT that crashes in the trailer – that’s the real deal. Check it all out after the jump.


Hey, the whole movie (sadly only in 360p) is available for freebies on the YouTube!
Source: YouTube

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