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“You just can’t stay seventeen forever.” So says Ron Howard’s character in George Lucas’ iconic 1973 cruisin’ and a-bruisin’ film, American Graffiti. Of course for generations of kids, growing up has been their primary goal, only leading to the discovery once reaching adulthood that staying seventeen forever wouldn’t have been such a bad thing.
American Graffiti was Lucas’ follow up to the low-budget sci-fi flick THX-1138, and preceded Star Wars, which was another coming of age story only set long ago in a galaxy far, far away. American Graffiti doesn’t seem that long ago nor that far from pretty much anybody’s youth, and it takes place on a single night while its ensemble cast suffers through the torture of adolescence on the cusp of adult responsibility. Oh, and it also features a ton of cool cars including a sweet Deuce Coupe, a ’58 Chevy, and of course a creamsicle T-bird carrying the mysterious and very blonde Suzanne Somers. Check out all of the cars, and all the teen angst in the trailer right after the jump.
It looks like American Graffiti is streaming on Crackle, or if you’re not willing to put up with ads, on the paid services for a nominal fee.

Source: YouTube

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  1. boostedlegowgn Avatar

    I actually met a guy who was recreating all the cars.

    1. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

      That's pretty neat. I used to work with a guy who claimed to have owned one of the on-screen extra cars.

  2. spotty Avatar

    definetly the greatest car film of all time, probably the greatest rock'n'roll film of all time (though it has to go up against 'That'll be The Day' – tough call) and probably in the top 5 greatest films of all time
    seen it dozens of times and i doubt i'll ever get sick of it. my dad took me to see it the first time when i was 12 , it was the first time i'd seen hotrods and i still want a Milner coupe (though i did have several Vespas……incidentally it was a Vespa 180SS that Toad rode in the movie) though the less said about Curt's 2CV the better

    1. spotty Avatar

      oh yeah, Wolfman Jack was in it too, i think it was him that planted the seed in my brain that one day blossomed into actually becoming a DJ on local community radio