Hooninverse Asks- What Car Company Has Disappointed You The Most?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Studebaker has really let me down. I mean, where’s the passion for innovation, the drive to compete? What’s that you say? Really, for 44 years? Well, I’ll be damned. Okay, so  Studebaker is off the hook, having been out of the game for over two and three quarter Biebers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t car makers out there right now, still moving metal, that aren’t dashing someone’s hopes and dreams. Bastards. Maybe it was BMW which, right when you amassed enough money to by one, got all Bangled and stuff, making you not want to be caught dead in one. Or perhaps it was Toyota’s fan base flame out, its cars flying uncontrolled down the freeways while their owners were on the phone with corporate, expressing their growing dissatisfaction. Whatever the brand, one of them must be pissing you off, after all, indignation is our god-given right, it’s in the Constitution. Or maybe the Magna Carta. So which car company has delivered unto you a big basket, not of Misses Fields, but of sorrowful  disappointment and sadness?

Image source: [the life of me]

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