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It goes without saying that, over the course of its history, auto racing in the U.S. has not had a lot of African American participants. That’s a sad state of affairs and when an individual of color does get behind the wheel, and makes a name for themselves, it’s a noteworthy accomplishment.
One such driver was Wendell Scott, who after War II honed his driving skills piloting a cab and by running Moonshine in the hills of Virginia. Scott started racing in local events and went on to become the first African American driver in NSACR, and the first to win a Sprint Cup Series race. His battle to participate in the traditionally all-white sport is loosely documented in the 1977 film, Greased Lightning.
The movie stars the late, great Richard Pryor as Scott, the always awesome Pam Grier as his wife. Beau Bridges and Cleavon Little co-star. Also co-staring are a bunch of ’40s cars that get hooned ’til their wheels fall off and crash into just about everything in sight. In fact, the trailer would have you believe that Pryor’s Scott is the ONLY individual in the film that can competently drive. Check it out, right after the jump.

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