2023 Honda HR-V

Honda Teases Next-Gen HR-V

Honda kicks off what they are calling the “Year of the Crossover” (isn’t that every year at every automaker?) with a sneak peek of the 2023 Honda HR-V. You may have not given a lot of thought to the HR-V, since it’s relatively new to our market. It’s a solid a subcompact crossover SUV (B-segment) that’s actually been around for a couple generations.

1999 Honda HR-V Automatic 1.6 (via Wikipedia, sorry)

The first generation started production for the Japanese and European markets in 1998 and came in a plucky 3-door and 5-door layout. It was about what you would expect, standard FWD with optional AWD (and 4WD shared with the CR-V) with a mix of 1.6L VTEC engines.

2022 HR-V owner doing Activity! I once busted the taillight in my fox body Mustang doing this in the rain. (Photo via Honda.com)

The second generation HR-V launched at the 2013 North American International Auto Show. It was the first version that we had access to here in the states, and production began back in 2016. It’s been plugging along since then, with a refresh in 2019. However, there’s a new one on the horizon.

2023 Honda HR-V
Such Activity!
2023 Honda HR-V
Much Activity!

Details are light so far, but Honda calls it “sporty and versatile”. It’s got familiar next-generation Honda styling and the concept drawings look pretty good. The all-new HRV will launch in North America this year and I’m sure we’ll get some seat time.

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5 responses to “Honda Teases Next-Gen HR-V”

  1. Manic_King Avatar

    So Honda becomes 2. company after Ford to umm… borrow that iconic Aston Martin grille.

  2. Idaneck Avatar

    Too bad. The “rest of world” model is so much better looking, and less Ford influenced. https://www.motor1.com/news/488797/2021-honda-hr-v-reveal/

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      …aaand it looks like a former generation Mazda CX5 instead. Oops.

      @”Year of the crossover”, it’s easy to forget that the outside world hears “crossover” and gets excited, while us extremists who care about physics have a quite different reaction.

    2. Manic_King Avatar

      Maybe they will badge it as Acura in the US, like with many ROW Hondas in the past and get more money from buyers.

  3. Pinkerton9 Avatar

    Please don’t bring a single engine choice again — currently a dull 1.8L SOHC w/ 141 HP. At least give an optional upgrade to the 2.0L from the Civic Sport. Even better, release an Si version.