Here’s why I just sold My 2023 Honda Civic Si after just three months!

Subtitle: Oops I did it again.

OK, I’ll admit to swapping vehicles fairly often, ok a bit more than often. Regular readers will notice that the title of this article is similar to a 4 January piece where I walked through the rational of getting rid of my 2022 Mustang Mach-E after boldly calling it the “best all-around car I’ve ever driven“. Well, I haven’t written about the Civic Si on here that replaced it, not for any specific reason other than being slammed with press loaners to review. So, let’s do a quick dive into why I already sold it.

(Apologies for the photos, I take each loaner out for a photo shoot, never got to that point with the Civic.)

Yes I’ve got a problem…

I have a Google Doc of all of the vehicles that I’ve owned. While a handful were co-owned and primarily driven by my significant other, that represents only a handful (half a dozen max) of the vehicles listed below.

All Vehicles Owned (1992’ish to Present)

2002VolkswagenJetta1.8T Wagon
2003FordMustangGT Premium
2010FordMustangGT Premium
2009Land RoverRange RoverSport
2012JeepWrangler UnlimitedSport
2003FordMustangGT (Convertible)
2015JeepGrand CherokeeAltitude
2012Mercedes-BenzGL 450
2017JeepWrangler UnlimitedBig Bear Edition
2020FordMustangGT Premium
2018Mercedes-BenzGLS 450
2021FordMustang Mach-EPremium
I know, it’s a lot

While my car buying is a long standing, well-diagnosed issue, it’s currently wildly unchecked. As I am now single in my 40s, I get to make all the decisions. I’m also, as George Costanza said, “out there” in the dating world.

This gets to me the root of the problem with the Civic.

You have to explain it!

This is a touchy one, since it makes you a bit vulnerable to admit it that you actually do care what other people think. I can let my mind wander back to the “car forum” days (#longliveVbulletin) which were a predecessor to the car discussions I have on Twitter today, and it was the exact same dynamic (Also while I’m thinking about it, don’t forget to follow me for tweeted memes, photoshopped stuff, and occasionally actual car-buying advice). If you even so much as hinted back then that your car purchases might be tied to what others think there will be people who openly crucify your ass. Today isn’t much different, but I’m here to openly say that it matters.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Tyler and I were wandering a local Cars & Coffee talking about this very topic, specifically in relation to the Civic. He astutely laid out a hypothetical interaction that one (me as the suitor) may have with a young lady I was interested in courting:

“Well, you see it’s a Civic. But you see it’s the fast Civic. Well not the fast Civic, that’s the Type R. So it’s one of the fast…hey where are you going?”

Tyler Hill, March 2023, Katie’s Cars & Coffee

So, yeah I’ll admit that even at 46 years old, I care what (some) other people think, at least to a point. I’d make the argument that we all do, it’s human nature to not only look for acceptance but to fit into societal norms. Most times, in my non-professional opinion (I suppose I do have a bachelor’s in psychology that I don’t use) the push-back against those norms can actually be healthy, as it can give you a sense of independence and identity. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that that little part in the back of your brain isn’t still struggling with the scenario.

For me, I knew there were a lot of other vehicles out there that would make me just as happy, or happier, and would align better with the image of an eligible, handsome, fit middle-aged professional. I’ve chatted with this via DM with some car friends and have gotten support with responses like “oh yeah, you can’t rock a Civic as a middle aged single guy”. I’m sure there are still readers and commentors on social media who will disagree and say that they wouldn’t care.

To that I say, good for you, this was my situation and no one is in the exact same one.

It also sat idle for three-months

This would have been an issue with any car that I purchased, but the Si only has 1,500 miles after three months. I work from home, and with a long string of press vehicles cycling through (about a dozen from January 2023 to present) the Civic sat idle in the garage at my apartment. The layer of dust visible in some of the photos came from some garage construction that was happening recently, and was a clear indicator of the lack of use.

However, I stand by my review of the Si, it’s a fantastic car. The shifter is near perfect, and while I’d love to have some more power, it was a fantastic daily driver (when I drove it).

The Civic is sold

So, I had decided move the Si on to a new owner to enjoy. Late last week, I plugged the VIN into my go-to online selling option, (GMTV) and immediately got a pretty solid offer over sticker. I happened to be car shopping at a local CarMax over the weekend, looking at a used E43 AMG sedan and they actually offered me a bit more than GMTV for the Civic. I wasn’t sold on the Benz, but knew I had made up my mind to sell the Civic.

I pinged my contact at GMTV and asked if they still beat CarMax offers. He responded (on a Sunday night) that they did, or they would send me $100. The next morning I had another offer above the CarMax number, and about 48 hours later I was dropping it off at their location nearby. I didn’t go out of my way to try and ramp up the sale price, but it worked out. Drop off was easy peasy.

What’s next?


Audi is dropping off a 2023 RS 6 Avant to review today, so the clock has begun ticking. There are no loans scheduled after Thursday next week (30 March), so I’ve got to make a decision. Stay tuned to Hooniverse to see what happens next, and to see what I thought of this $160K Audi wagon!

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13 responses to “Here’s why I just sold My 2023 Honda Civic Si after just three months!”

  1. Smaglik Avatar

    I mean, you could have just debadged the civic…

    In all honesty, I love buying and selling cars too, as there is nothing like the thrill of the hunt, but every time I do that, I know I’m pissing away a little more money than needed on my hobby.

  2. Sjalabummer Avatar

    Since you’re rotating reliable cars all day long, why not go for something that says reliable, sane adult like, say, a UAZ 452 or a Hongqi L5 as your personal vehicle?

    Follow me for more #advice.

  3. Land Ark Avatar
    Land Ark

    From what I remember from the DMV dating scene, most of the women I came across didn’t know the difference from a Mirage to a 7-series. And, dating at our age, if you want to impress most women, enjoy driving your silver crossover with enough space for someone else’s kids.

    Now, if you’re still aiming for 20-somethings… we should hang out.

    I’m not single, but if I were I would enjoy explaining my fleet of cars and why:
    1. I drive a station wagon but don’t have kids
    2. The steering wheel on my Lexus with Toyota badges has the steering wheel on the wrong side
    3. That yes, my car built in Australia that you have no idea who made it is a pretty blue
    4. My big old car is so loud and smelly.

  4. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    i like to pretend i’m immune to it, but the truth is i feel the same way about the Kia Stinger. great looking car, big hatchback, by all accounts great to drive. but you have to tell people you drive a kia. i think that’s fine if it’s, like, a gray Optima, but you have to be *enthusiastic* about the Stinger.

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      That is part of the allure for me. My father in law is stuck in the 90s, still thinks Mercedes and BMW make the best cars etc. He barely understands that Toyota makes quality cars. When I try to tell him that Hyundai/Kia make some of the most competitive cars in each segment, he just thinks I’m stupid…but it’s amazing a Kia can be that good. The EV6 is the best all around car I know of. The Ioniq 6 is just gorgeous and an amazing vehicle if you don’t need a huge boot.

      1. smaglik Avatar

        My eyes have been wandering to the GV70 for an X3 replacement (though, who knows if that will ever happen, since it just got a set of new tires courtesy of a pothole on i17). Great looking vehicle, great reviews, can tow, up to date tech….but, $$, and my passion is not SUVs.

        1. Sjalabais Avatar

          It’s a victory for Genesis that a reliable BMW customer even considers their product. What are the alternatives? Keeping the X3 or buying something that’s a little closer to the ground?

          1. smaglik Avatar

            The Honda passport is also an option. I already have two vehicles that are close to the ground, though I’m reluctant to drive them now since the condition of rural AZ freeways is abysmal (I lost two tires after falling into a pothole in my e91). I don’t Like SUVs, and have no passion for trucks, but living in the mountains and the desire to gather my own firewood necessitates such a vehicle. It pretty much needs to be able to tow, and have AWD, and not suck to look at or drive, haha. Subjective enough? The truth is, the x3 is more than fine to keep much longer, even at more than 200k miles on the dash. I really would like some updated technology in it, so I could just go to the stereo store and see what can be done. That would be a much cheaper option…

          2. Sjalabais Avatar

            Haha, I see that one, but it’s not the most exciting route…200k miles in an X3 is impressive, though. Did you buy it new?

            I’ve been hitting potholes with our i20 on mountain roads a lot. Not sure if I broke some springs – the ride is quite bumpy – but the tires remain intact…

          3. smaglik Avatar

            I bought it with 75k on it, and immediately did all the fluids. I’ve been looking at some android screens for aftermarket for it as of late. That might scratch the itch for a bit.

    2. Becky Moses Avatar
      Becky Moses

      a fantastic car, with a large hatchback, and in all respects, it’s a blast to drive. That should be obvious.

  5. pj134 Avatar

    Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are separate models, the Sport isn’t a trim, but an entirely different vehicle. I think it’s discovery based for the Sport and it’s own platform for the OG.

  6. Maymar Avatar

    I feel like the Civic is a decent litmus test – anyone who just doesn’t care is fine, anyone who knows cars would hopefully just press on why not [Type R/GTI/any other number of interesting options that at least spark discussion], anyone who’s actively repelled by a Civic is likely vapid enough to not be worth anyone’s time.

    Then again, I drove a janky Cavalier when my wife and I started dating, so it’s not as if I’m immensely attuned to the modern dating scene.