Here's to you Mr. Porsche Cayenne Announcer Man

In case you didn’t know, Porsche has a new version of their money tree Cayenne sport utility ready to hit the market. To drum up a little excitement for a model that many consider  not true to the brand’s essence, the company has released a video that attempts to intertwine the Cayenne with other, historically significant Porsche cars, including the first!

While the Cayenne may not be our favorite Porsche, this little retrospective is worthwhile as it spends its first half on Porsche history, including some great vintage shots and a 930 turbo dissing a. . . how does one say “nerd” in German? And all that is wrapped up by a voice-over that sounds exactly like the Budweiser Real Men of Genius commercials. Seriously, see if you can watch it without whispering real men of genius to yourself when the dog shows up.
An important question that this promo brings up is not why does the new Cayenne look like an Infiniti EX35, but what is that under the second sheet in the clip below?
Cayman with its spoiler deployed? Panamera mule with the disguise still in place? Superperformance Daytona Coupe? What’s your guess?
At any rate, if you’d like a little nostalgia, and maybe a Bud, then check out Porsche’s Cayenne promo, and here’s to you Mr. Hooniverse reading while at work when you should really be filing those TPS reports man. Real men of genius.
[youtube width=”640″ height=”385″][/youtube]

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6 responses to “Here's to you Mr. Porsche Cayenne Announcer Man”

  1. Syrax Avatar

    "Suddenly there was emotion in a vehicle class that had previously been almost exclusively purpose driven."
    But there was emotion. If you've ever seen a Land Rover owner stranded in the middle of nowhere with God knows how many things that can – and will – go wrong in those cars, you would've seen emotion.
    EDIT: And I'll love that car forever.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      I keep telling Mad_Science (Jeep owner) how much I want an old Land Rover… it usually results in a rolling of eyes and him walking away from me.

      1. Syrax Avatar

        I think that a RR Classic without air suspension (before '91 I think) is not that catastrophical. The Rover V8 is not a bad engine either.

  2. Mechanically Inept Avatar

    "They can only make two seaters for the road".
    Absolute truth. Have you ever tried sitting in the back of a 911 or 944? I'd hope that a 928 would be a bit roomier, though.

  3. hagenxj Avatar

    Yesyes, I felt tears coming……….because the video, it is so true. I´m am emotional driver, The new Cayenne handles so much better. Looks so much better. Nobody will be able to diss it, once driven. I wish you could feel the sensation of whipping the Cayenne Turbo around a handling track, in the wet, and the GT3 is not getting away….. alot

  4. UK Seo Company Avatar

    good stuff :), how long has this blog been going for???