Here's an RC Helicopter-Eye View of Some Classic Cars Circling a Track in Italy

Drone Track For next to impossible shots, like observing a fireworks display from inside the maelstrom, remote-control helicopters have both their supporters, and their detractors. One place where they can be used to advantage is in taking birds-eye views of sporting events in a much cheaper and less dangerous way than using a helicopter, spy satellite, or blimp. This video is the result of just such an endeavor, full of aerial shots of vintage sports and race cars circling the track at the Circuito International d’Abruzzo just outside of Ortona, Italy on the Adriatic coast. You could listen to me drone on about how cool all the cars are – Abarths, and Lancias and Caterhams and the like – but wouldn’t you rather just watch them in action? You can do so right after the jump.


Source: Vimeo

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