He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins. . . Be That Guy

Up for auction on eBay – for a cool $1.2 million – is the collection you see above. Described as 48-years worth of car and part hoarding, it contains hundreds of mid-’50s to late ’70s cars and literally millions of parts all sitting on 4 acres of what is now most likely a more oil-soaked environment than the Gulf of Mexico. Sitting in bucolic Calais, Vermont – about dead center between routes 91 and 89 – this collection looks like somebody’s personal junkyard, which really is exactly what it is. This collection should really appeal to the Costco bargain hunter who feels that bulk buying is the best way to save money. Going through the list reveals a lot of chaff amongst the wheat, but some interesting inventory pops out – like a ‘74 454 Corvette with a 4-speed, or a ‘64 Nova conv. w/400sbc. Of course to get those you’re also going to have to take the ’79 Mercury Marquis. The parts collection is even more eye-popping, at least for the quantity. It does look like the lair of some sort of horror movie deviant, and I don’t know how comfortable I’d be in the room with all the shifters hanging down like so many gentlemen’s joysticks. It looks like speedos and tachs get special treatment in the curio cabinet, while the massive number of intakes both hang around and take up multiple shelves. Check out the video here of Uncle Fester’s guided tour of the creepy basement parts storage: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwfN_vKVq_4&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] If you’re interested in additional videos, or perhaps making a bid on this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a small nation’s worth of cars and parts, you can hit up the eBay ad here.

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