Goodwood FoS 2015: Ford GT- A Glass Case Of Emotion

Talk about forbidden fruits. Look, don’t touch. Mitts OFF. Leave it! Not happy.
I want to gaze longingly at it with unimpeded vision. I want to follow every undulating contour with my eye until it waters. I want to place a palm on one of its curves, then run it gently but assertively along until it slides out of view into that special hole. I want to be inside, turn her on and feel a pulse from the other side of the leather. I want to bring that beat up and unleash a groan of pleasure from both her and me, and probably at exactly the same time.
The Ford GT.

Ford had an unenviable task in renewing their GT franchise, but the opportunity to appoint a new God to shine down on the never-more-attractive Ford Performance brand was too much to overlook. Especially since the Ford GT 40 is on an important Anniversary year.
The Previous Ford GT was peerless, as we know. OK, it had competition, and on points other cars at a similar price would give you pretty convincing answers as to their superiority. But that was irrelevant. The GT was, looked, felt like a worthy extension of the GT bloodline. But there were still some silly people who cried. “Too Retro” they sobbed. Waaahhhmbulances were scrambled left and right while most of us said “oh do shut up and stop being silly”. It was a Ford GT and it was good.
This time, Ford have pulled out all the stops. I guess they had to, really. But they’ve judged their response to the whinging baby “not very original” complaint with atomic precision. They have been successful in both bringing the GT into the near future and keeping it respectful to the original, well, deity.
This is another car which needs to be beheld in the flesh, rather than from a shiny hi-res print. And, ideally, without a sheet of motherfucking glass in the way.
Despite the reflections and the fingerprints and the glare I was still able, after straining my eyes, to lock onto an edge and follow it around the car, see how its story develops. Designers call it “taking a line for a walk” and it’s one of my favourite things to do.
The lines on this new GT start at that immediately recognisable nose and take different routes to the tail, often splitting off in direction you never thought of. It’s fun picking a surface and watching it morph into something else. I could watch this car doing nothing for hours, even in its ridiculous aquarium.
If you’re reading this, Ford, sliding a GT key into my hand would very likely result in a lot of extremely positive publicity. And I’m not talking about a stream of empty fanboi hyperbole, I’m talking about a celebration.
Of the GT being back.
(All images copyright Chris Haining / Hooniverse 2015)

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5 responses to “Goodwood FoS 2015: Ford GT- A Glass Case Of Emotion”

  1. Tiberiuswise Avatar


  2. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    Best intro ever! Thanks for the smile!

  3. Cameron Vanderhorst Avatar
    Cameron Vanderhorst

    I was mildly grossed out reading the first paragraph until I remembered that you were talking about the new Ford GT. Thank you for putting into words exactly what those of us who have seen one up close have desperately tried to express to anyone who would listen.

  4. Guest Avatar

    “If you’re reading this, Ford, sliding a GT key into my hand would very likely result in a lot of extremely positive publicity.”

    Or it could result in the first recorded case of car molestation.

  5. salguod Avatar

    I may be the only car guy who isn’t all that attracted to the new GT. Oh, I’m impressed by the specs and I appreciate how the styling both plays homage to the original and looks to the future, but it doesn’t stir me the way a car like this should. And yes, I saw it on in person at NAIAS.