Good Work, Wick: A Pile of Cool Videos

big truck in quarryclassic Cadillac lowrider

Generally we do our best to focus on the real, functional or fun over more image or scene-centric content. That said, we’re still suckers for pretty pictures and good tunes. Christoph Wick supplies such things. This time around, it’s “Remember Viva”, a rundown on the Viva Las Vegas show and “Mercury Rising” which appears to be about people taking pictures of a humongous truck in a quarry. Bonus third video if you make like a House of Pain fan and destroy an Everlast CD jump.

Remember Viva:
(extra points for TV on the Radio and Mexican wrestler masks)
Mercury Rising:
Another find via his Vimeo account, “How to Drive an Austin Healey up Signal Hill in only 2 Minutes” makes up for its lack of automotive soundtrack in the last 5 seconds of the film.
Check out his blog at
Via the always stylish Ralf Becker

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  1. Ralf Becker Avatar

    Thanks for pickin' up Christoph's work! Btw, some people are complaining the Vegas vid wouldn't be "true". It would not show "the right spirit of the VLV". Well, they might be right. But Christoph has done a fresh remix which really kicks *ss.