Gimme Shelter – Jaguar XJ40 Comes In From the Cold

Jaguar XJ40. Owned by someone else – the best kind of XJ40.
In keeping with the wintery theme that my posts currently maintain, here’s another Jaguar posting from the parking garage that I use to melt off the ice on my daily driver. The Jaguar driver seems to utilise the garage for the same purpose; it’s the warmest open garage within a stone’s throw and it also has the most widely scattered parking spots, so it’s less easy to get a door ding than in the others. By all means, I tip my hat at the driver; while the XJ40 is rough around the edges and far from a garage queen, it still takes special balls to drive a right-hand-drive XJ40 through Finnish winter. Like with the black X308 XJR, this XJ6 still has its leaper attached to the front. Round headlights fit the front better than big square brick ones, even if the cluster in which they’re fitted isn’t the most gracious. What grinds my gears is the overly large and ill-fitting European Union specification plate – you can get a non-EU one which fits an ’80s car much better. And you can mount it on straight. But despite the XJ40’s reputation for electrical gremlins and other issues, I’m fond of them. The design works in my eyes, and especially on Lattice alloys such as these and in light blue, it looks really good. There’s just the right amount of chrome, and the dimensions are excellent. I wouldn’t touch one with a six-feet pole unless I had the means to fix every last fix the car needed, but as somebody else’s car I’m fond of it.  

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