Getting to know Bill Caswell

By now just about everyone has heard of Bill Caswell, the guy who entered the E30 318is he bought on Craigslist for $500 into some rally and did really well. His claim to the automotive fame was, to say, fast and furious, but as with any public-ish figure rumors start flying around fairly quickly. I personally don’t know much at all about Bill, but I did hear a lot of things, many of which were not so good. Brian Driggs, of, felt the same but he went right to the source.

Brian conducted a very nice interview with of Bill Caswell. He asked all the questions that everyone else did not. His interview shines a lot of light on Bill and who he really is, a true hoon. Have a read. Some of Brian’s sample questions:


Rumor: The “$500 Craigslist BMW” that “won” at WRC Mexico happened to have a $10,000 M3 motor under the hood, and you were the only car entered in your class. True or False? Would you be so gracious as to shed a little light on your car and how it’s progressed over time?

Rumor: You also procrastinate, wait to the last minute to prepare for your events, and don’t take rally or any other form of motorsport seriously. True or false? How important is motorsport in your life? Why do you approach these things the way you do? What’s your philosophy when it comes to motorsport at this level?


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