Get Ready for a Shivery Spine: NSX, Senna, The Nordschleife and Dramatic Music

Yes...yes...oh God, yes...

If you didn’t click over to Chris Wick’s blog when we told you to yesterday, then you missed out on this trailer from Format67 involving an NSX, the town of Frankfurt, and some great editing. Again, it leans heavily on the dramatic buildup featuring slow motion and lens flare lighting school of thought, but good Lord does that NSX sound good when they fire it up.

The intro is long, but it does well to leave you reeling with anticipation for when things really get good. Also, we recommend clicking through and watching it infull screen high-def.

We might just have to fork out the $10 for a copy of Format67’s latest “issue”. Think 411VM for cars.
There’s a “making of” video for this clip that appears to involve an HD camera on the hood of an e34 M5…but I can’t seem find it right now.

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  1. joshuman Avatar

    I agree on all counts.

  2. Buickboy92 Avatar

    God, I love that video. Perfection!

  3. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    I was passed by a deep Metallic Blue NSX a week ago, a late model with fixed headlamps. That howl… I was hardly able to speak for the rest of the day.
    An NSX on the Need-For-Speed Vertigo Ridge circuit, PC wired into the hi-fi, curtains drawn, was how I spent most of my time when I was 15. My parents kept leaving mens magazines around open at the centrefold in the hope of me re-proritising to something more normal. It had little effect.

  4. JamesAsh Avatar

    Ah, Senna. As dominant as Schumacher, as likable as Barichello. We miss you, Ayrton.

  5. Bobby Avatar

    Hey look! a Fiat 500!