Gallery: The Dezer Collection Museum in North Miami shows us the desirable and the obscure

I happened to be visiting my aunt and uncle in the swanky ocean front area of Palm Beach County when I came across an article about an eclectic car collection in North Miami. Turned into a quasi-museum the collection is divided into two sections: car and motorcycles, and mini cars and star cars.

Recently opened, Dezer Collection Museum & Pavilion is spread over 250,000 square feet and features over 600 cars which are surrounded by memorabilia and life scenes of the era. The collection features many of typical American vehicles we see at car shows: finned Caddies, 50s Bel Airs, but in there are also rarer and interesting DeSotos, Edsels, and Jeeps. But the import section was even more impressive. Full gallery after the jump. 

If the American section is impressive the import section is downright amazing as most of the models displayed were not available for sale on the U.S. market. Just imagine a DAF, Moskvitch, Zastava, Reliant, Tatra, various 2CVs and Fiats all living within feet of each other. And then there is the small but equally amazing military collections featuring military-spec vehicles from all over the world, including Land Rovers and Citroens, and some lightweight amphibious vehicles.

The reason why this collection is not necessarily a museum is because all (or most) of the cars are available for sale. At $2,000,000 the Desunberg seemed the most expensive and most cars were on the slightly high side of their market value but all seemed to be in very good condition.

I spent two hours at the museum and I have only seen the one side. The movie star side has Batmobiles and such, and soon a special section of vehicles from the James Bond movies will open, which I am sure will be worth coming back for. Enjoy the pics, and if you’re in the greater Miami area, this is not to be missed.

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