G-Wagon Cabrio Pickup Will Put a Smile on the Most Serious German Farmer's Face

It started with the G-Wagen camper on Bring-a-Trailer earlier this week. Like some kind of obsessive, any mention of a G-Wagen sends me searching eBay for more examples to make Jeff ashamed of his Land Rover addiction. The results are always a mix of $75,000 G500s and interesting sub-$20k grey market imports. Obviously, we search for the later. Putting it simply, today’s result kicks ass.

Turbodiesel 5 speed 4 seat pickup, anyone?

Being an incredibly capable mil-spec vehicle, this one suffers from “I just bought it to drive around” ownership. The mentions of a front-end wobble tell us to budget for tons of front end bushings and ball joints. The odometer stopped working while only indicating 10,000 (110k? miles or km?). The overall description reads like “I bought this thing for it, but don’t really remember much about it”. Not a problem with a more ubiquitous vehicle, but something this odd benefits from an obsessive, engaged owner. Expect to have many a discovery as you get into it.

All that said, it looks on-track to sell for the high teens, which is a steal for a rare, awesomely-spec’ed G-Wagen. 


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