Fun with owners manuals


Otherwise known as “The Idiots Guide to Your Car”.

Friend of Hooniverse, Mr_Biggles sent in some photos of a 510 owners manual leftover from his glory days of 510 hoonage.  If you are a fan of this site, chances are slim-to-none that you have never actually had the need to open an owners manual.  Lucky for us Mr_Biggles has saved us the trouble and not only opened one, but actually read through it.  In case you didn’t catch the amusing tidbit from the above photo:

As Mr_Biggles so eloquently put it “When the manual says “never to approach the red zone unless otherwise required”, what do you suppose the “unless otherwise required” refers to?  Bank robbery getaways?”   I would also like to add “Zombiepocalypse” and “running from scorned wife wielding golf club” to the list.
You can’t give a Hoon a red zone and expect him to not to hang out there all the time.

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