Ft. Lauderdale Auctions America 2015: The Truck Thursday Edition

So there this olelongrooffan was, wandering around the Ft. Lauderdale Auctions America 2015 checking out some of the cool carp those classic car owners had brought out to dump on some unsuspecting sell to some educated buyers so those same owners could pick up something shiny and new to them to take home and enjoy before beginning this cycle all over again. And, in this olelongrooffan’s usually pseudo folksy style of “Hey take a look at What I Saw Today” feel free to make the jump to, in fact, see some of the trucks and truckettes spotted that Saturday afternoon.

One of the early sightings this olelongrooffan saw was this 1967, or thereabouts, Ford Ranger Pickup. Now this was back in the day when the Ranger was a trim package to be found on a full size Blue Oval offering. This tan orange over brown 250 was perfect in nearly every way. It certainly brought to this olelongrooffan’s mind the Hoonitruck currently residing over on the other coast. Although a different year and in a lot different condition, I am sure, my fellow Hoons, this beauty was at one time in the very same condition as our beloved Hoonitruck.
However, one thing the Hoonitruck does not possess is the “Treasure Chest” located beneath the passenger side bed very similar to Volkswagen’s Type II trucks of years past. Subsequent to this body style, Ford offered their Ranger in a “Camper Special” featuring this “Treasure Chest” to carry the spare tire as well as built with a modified extended wheel base. This olelongrooffan does note this one has the dual saddlebag gas tanks as well as the “Treasure Chest” but it was not badged as a “Camper Special.” A damn nice pickemup truck if I do say so myself.
Just aways down the row, this beautiful 1966 Chevrolet C20 was making a presence. This one was real nice and sparkly even if it did possess later aftermarket wheels. Back in the day, a buddy in high school, The Wizz, had one of these, although not quite in as nice condition and he Hooned it around in the “Farm Truck” style we Hoons know and love well.
So there this olelongrooffan was, wandering among the menagerie that was the Ft. Lauderdale Auctions America 2015 show and it was there nestled amongst all those EuroClassic ragtops and sedans, and a few MOPAR Shelbys, that a bright green pickemup truck was spotted. Well, I certain my fellow Hoons know me well enough to know that more of this beauty needed to be seen and shared. As I mentioned, it was nestled in and a tad difficult to get up close, yet far enough away to gather a few acceptable images for use here in the Hooniverse.
I love the simple lines of these early Rising Sun truck offerings. Single wall bed side construction, exposed cargo hooks along the top of the sides and the simplistic tailgate latches are nowhere to be seen these days. Except of course at a classic car auction in the Sunshine State in late March. And how about those bumperettes?
And underhood? Can it get any simpler than that? I mean check out the room in that engine bay. I hope whoever buys this one doesn’t decide to cram a SBC in there. Drawn and Quartered is what should happen to that Hoon should that calamity occur. Yeah, my fellow Hoons, yet another drop dead gorgeous pickup in a sea of them that day.
But my fellow Hoons it was this Commando camped out over next to that wide body Porsche and that Model A sedan that really tugged at the heart of this olelongrooffan. Of course, it immediately brought to my mind the “Charles Barrett Special” residing under that metal tubular frame with a tarp cover out next to Farmer Jack’s barn in the Birthplace of Speed.
Now the Special is no where near this condition, and it is topless to boot, but seeing what it could be, and will be, with my Commando that allows me to enjoy attending shows such as this one.
And to continue to Celebrate Life.
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

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  1. Drzhivago138 Avatar

    Why did that ’67 Ford have to be ruined (admittedly, that’s a melodramatic word, but you know what I mean) with late-’70s emblems?

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      If you mean the emblems just forward of the base of the A-pillar, my first thought was that they were from a later truck, too. Zooming in on the image, however, makes them look more like a dealership emblem that has been placed above the style of factory badge used c. 1970 to indicate trim level, such as Camper Special, like the example below. My guess for the age of the truck itself is also 1970 with aftermarket grille inserts.

      1. 7FIAT's Later Avatar
        7FIAT’s Later

        These are different than the Camper Special emblems on my 73 F-250 Ranger XLT Camper Special and mine sadly does not have the treasure chest either.

      2. Drzhivago138 Avatar

        .Well, you learn something new every day.

  2. GTXcellent Avatar

    That C10/C20 is a ’63 – has the wrap around windshield and a little bit different grille.
    I still think the ’64-’66 C10 is the prettiest pickup ever built, and really regret selling my ’65. Someday, maybe…

  3. Batshitbox Avatar

    The lede image is a Studebaker Transtar, a 3E if the 1958 Texas plate is any indication.
    My ’70 F-250 had the double barrel trim designation “Sport Custom Camper Special”, making it both special and custom. It had the tool box there. The ones with the spare tire there had a door about twice as big, you’ll know it when you see one.
    The grille on that Commando is fugly, did they ever come with a less Hot Wheels, more Jeep looking grille? And what’s with the baboon ass holding the license plate? Somebody make a law about having a plate held only vertically?

    1. Drzhivago138 Avatar

      When the Commando was sold by Kaiser as the Jeepster Commando, it had the traditional Jeep grille. After AMC bought Jeep in 1970, they sold it with minimal changes for another year before someone came up with the bright idea of trying to sell it to the same people buying Scouts, Blazers and Broncos (which AMC already was) and increase those sales by lengthening the wheelbase 3 inches and slapping a decidedly ho-hum generic grille on the decidedly un-Jeep-like new front clip. To everyone’s surprise, a former bestseller for Kaiser (this was the first lifestyle Jeep) became a dud for AMC, moving barely over 20K units before being canned in ’73.

  4. Busplunge Avatar

    Those Ford emblems are from a 77 or newer F-250. Longrooffan should well remember our 1976 F-250 basic with 390 motor, granny 4 speed and bench seat. One fine Iowa day he, me, the Jeepjunkie and the private RN were caught in a tornado at the Pottawatomie Fairgrounds which, in 1976, was located in a holler. There were several androxious ammonia tanks that got knocked off their foundations. All of us were told to get out of the area. Th e four of us jumped in that Ford and headed for high ground. As we were seeking high ground the Omaha radio station was sounfding warning ang warning sirens were going off all over the town. We could see a tornado riding a ridge about 1/2 a mile away. The radio said if you are in a vehicle head into the wind. I mean to tell you we were backing and turning that truck all over the place to try to keep it heading into the wind. We all had blankets over our heads to protect us from debris. Well, not me. I was driving and besides at that time I was tougher than the average bear.

  5. dead_elvis Avatar

    Speaking of the Charles Barrett Special, what ever happened to its namesake? Haven’t heard from him ’round these parts in ages.