From Our Tabs to Yours: Friday Afternoon Linkage

2 door falcon wagon

As we’ve said before, this site was born as an outlet for all the car window-shopping and BS-ing that we were already spending too much time doing. Turns out it still takes a few minutes to put together a post, but it only takes seconds to open a dozen craigslist or eBay ads. Particularly if you’re IMing that back and forth. Anyway, here’s the batch of finds that are nesting in my firefox tabs right this second. Check ’em out, starting with the Falcon wagon pictured above. Is there anything better than a 2-door wagon? We say no. More pictures here. —> Click the pictures for the ad links <–– Gorgeous Triumph GT6 MK1, $10k: Jag MK2 with a Chevy V6 and 700R4. Classy and functional? What a concept! $9950 Twin-Turbo Supra Mk3 Supra. Furious at $3k: ’84 Rabbit, fully krauted-out and $2500: Somebody call Davey G. Johnson: a ’72 Citroen DS, complete with moving headlights! $11k: Too many letters, not enough words: 1995 JDM RHD WRX STI. $9k Stupid HTML ad, good lookin’, lightly modified Mustang at $20k: $2500 for a V12 BMW that’s in great shape…not bad at all: 1973 Pinzgauer, $10k. ’nuff said: Have a great weekend!

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