From One Extreme To The Other: Imperially Speaking

Why don’t any manufacturers have square wheels anymore?  Or push button transmissions?  A few weeks ago this olelongrooffan was strolling around a junkyard up in the cold white north and spotted this beauty. It was just down the aisle from that old Champion identified immediately by muthalovin the moment I posted merely an image of the wheel. This is a sweet old Imperial similar to the Mr. Drysdale drove in the Beverly Hillbillies tv show this olelongrooffan so enjoyed when I was just a kid. Now just what is the significance of this sighting to me and my fellow Hoons? Well, at that cool ass car show I was at a couple weekends ago, I spotted another one almost just like it. But this one is still alive and well and sports those awesome taillights that car builders don’t make anymore either. It was a sweet sighting and my fellow Hoons, in a fashion similar to Hemmings blog car spotting feature, can you identify the variety of automobiles in the background of this image? Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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