Four Carbs, Four Doors, Four on the Floor … Corvair Monza 140 is GO!

corvair monza 140 sedan quad carbs Sedans are funny creatures. Some sedans make this hoon swoon … a mid-sixties Continental with the right paintwork would make me hop in the back with Morpheus any day. Domestic sedans got tricky once the fuselage styling thing got going (1974 Dodge Monaco, anyone?), but apparently GM’s abacus-wielding stylists didn’t muck up the second generation sedan all that much. This lovely example of the breed is for sale out of Northern California, and wears nice original paint (albeit with a couple of bruises here and there), was rebuilt and tuned up by Mel’s Vair Mart of San Jose (can you get any better than that name?), and has attractively low mileage (probably from being parked after the first time the bloody carbs went out of sync). Plus it seems to be an honest 140 HP floor-shift manual Corvair sedan … with quad single-throat carbs, no less! Methinks at less than $6000, it’d be a lot of fun for you and three of your closest friends. Lots more photos HERE. Ad HERE.

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