Found on Ebay – Sprechen Sie AWESOME Edition

Land ho!
Land ho!
Upon seeing this ad on, I could only think of one thing. Deartháir stomping up and down, gnashing his teeth and screaming, “But daddy, I want it, NOW!” This little gem is one of about 15,000 Schwimmwagen Type 166’s that were made in Germany during the 1940’s.  While the ad is completely in German, I was able to finagle a vague translation by paying off grandmamma in Spaten and bratwurst using Google Translator to find out the following information. This is an obviously rare Schwimmwagen built in either 1942 or 1943.  She is all wheel drive and housed in her bulbous behind is a tiny 1200cc engine.  Restoration took place about 10 years ago by VW in Munich.  Road tested? Yes. Buoyant? That’s for the buyer to find out.  The seller also claims she looks a lot better than the Schwimmwagen at the VW Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.  We all know that statement is relative, but I must admit, she’s definitely a shoe-in for “Miss Schwimmwagen 2010” in my book.
I like big butts and I cannot lie...
Aforementioned bulbous behind…
Want to add this to your fleet of aquatic vehicles? You better win the lottery my friends. Sadly bidding ended without reserve met at 89,550 euro, but it’s still currently for sale on The Samba for a cool 139,500 euro. Source info:

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