Found on Ebay – Don't Worry About the Reserve Price Edition

Kevin Cope likes Mopars – a lot. His family has been driving and restoring them since he was a twinkle in his parent’s eye, heck I’m sure the man was conceived in one. Between Kevin, his brother, Tim and his dad, Roy this family owns at least 20 Mopars, more than a handful  of them in pristine, award winning condition.  When I wandered into the workshop a few weekends ago, it was no surprise to find this lovely little thing sitting there in all her semi-washed glory.

Kevin was surfing eBay and stumbled across this 1972 Dodge Challenger. She’s an automatic and only sports a 360, but she had a “decent” restore in 2007 and for what he paid, he’s not complaining.

The auction ended with a reserve bid not met. Kevin promptly called the guy and ran down to York, PA to see the car thinking he was going to look at a daily driver. Instead he found a very clean car with the original interior in great shape, new dash, new rubber seals, re-chromed everything, original 1970’s Cragars in good condition (not shown in these pics) and a fairly nice, factory color paint job. He worked a deal with the guy, easy to do when you’re standing there with $100 bills, and brought her home same day.

I won’t tell you what he paid but I can assure you it was well less than market value.

Talk about a score!

P.S. There WILL be a Hooniversal Joint article on these guys sometime this summer. With a GTX, Monaco, Dart and Challenger sitting around the garage how can I resist!

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  1. tonyola Avatar

    340 or 360 engine? The 360 was available in the Challenger only for 1974 – when the big-blocks were discontinued for the Challenger after 1971, the 340 was the largest available engine in 1972-1973. This car looks to be in pretty great shape, but I think the only year that the Challenger was truly attractive was 1970 – the 1971 facelift was busy and messy, and the 1972+ cars had an unfortunate sad-mouth grille.

  2. ladle666 Avatar

    Ms. Ambersand,
    I very much enjoy your down to the point writing style! not to mention your taste in vehicles….. i'm a VW dreamer…. my first memories of cars are in VWs… and i lust after a vanagon.. i want a "eurovan"… but i love 'em all… my parents passed that on to me…. and yet… i certainly appreciate all things old and muscular/rare in general. i hope that you continue to share your finds!! (i'll try to share what few finds i have too…. )
    ((also also wik…………. knit/crochet talent… awesome! my wife has more projects than i can count… and i like to suggest new ones… but she has sooooo many promised that i can't make her think about taking on new ones… so mad respect to you for finishing the orders requested! i hope she'll let me order a hooniverse hat soon!!))

    1. Ambersand Avatar

      Why thank you!!! Kind words.I will absolutely continue to share.

  3. Ambersand Avatar

    (Commenting from my phone, sorry I can’t reply to each indiv. Comment) the 360, along with a few other things, was added to the car after the fact by the previous owner. I suppose I shouldn’t have said “only” when the original engine was smaller than the one dumped in later. Good lookin’ out!

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    I see a '73 Challenger every now and again. I think, awesome, but when it blows by, the paint offends my senses. I have seen several '73-'74 Challengers in my life, and the majority of them are the fugliest color combos. Think turquoise and pink. This one, however, redeems them all.