Found on eBay: Charmed by a Continental Challenge Challenger


I’m not sure this has ever been typed before, but professional racing costs a lot of money. As you no doubt heard in Episode 45 of the Hooniverse Podcast, the pricetag for a Miata built to compete in Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge (CTSCC)a supporting series of the Tudor United Sportscar Championship and former Grand-Am Supporting seriesruns well into six figures even though the cars are plucked directly from the assembly line before undergoing race treatment. So is this lime green Dodge Challenger SRT8 a Continental Challenge steal for $89,000?

[sc:ebay itemid=”321322759509″ linktext=”Continental Challenge Challenger SRT8 on eBay” ]


This SRT8 is a Grand Sport-class Challenger built by TPN Racing/Blackforce for the 2012 supporting race at Daytona before the 24-hour race. For the money, you get a 6.1-liter V8 with closer fifth and sixth gear ratios but an otherwise stock transmission. Some of the stock body panels and the driveshaft feature lighter-weight replacements. The interior has been stripped and rebuilt with the bare necessities in mind.

While there are some pictures of this car running on Daytona’s banking and being attended to on pitlane (probably during testing or practice), the Ebay ad claims this car was never actually raced. From what I can tell, it is one of at least four Challengers built for Continental Challenge. TPN ran a different Challenger at Daytona in 2011 (and a sister car for a couple years before that) and Mike Skeen tested one for Atlantic Autosport at Carolina Motorsports Park later that year. Interestingly, the last of those can be seen in the background some of the photos (It’s black and red).


The price tag is reasonable for what the car is, given the cost of most Continental builds. However, the Challenger SRT8 has less track time than most Continental Challenge car types and this example is now at least two years old, so some of that saved money will certainly be spent developing the car and working through its bugs.


But if you see the screaming green paint scheme and listen to the Hemi-tastic in-car video from Skeen’s test, you can almost feel it becoming a crowd favorite at every race. This modern homage to classic American Iron flexing its muscles on the nation’s classic and most prestigious circuits against Mustangs and Camaros? Yep, that’ll hit you right in the American Pride, regardless of finishing position.

Had I a few (thousand) more coppers in the coffer, I’d consider taking on this Challenger.

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