Found on CraigsList: Holman-Moody's 1967 Ford F100 Ranger shop truck

Unless you don’t have a pulse, you are probably enamored with Jeff’s HoonTruck, a sweet Ford F100 with a 390 V8. And unless you really don’t have a pulse, you should be salivating over the above image of what was—the CraigsList seller claims—the shop mule for legendary North Carolina racing shop Holman-Moody. It’s a 1967 Ford F100 Ranger, which means that the shop obtained it in the midst of Le Mans podium-sweeping Ford GT40 production and NASCAR domination with innovative Fords.
The F100 comes with a nifty, top-trim 352 V8 and a three-speed manual on the column. The interior looks clean and the white paint looks original with the hand-painted Holman-Moody logos a bit faded. They could use some sprucing, one might suggest, but if I were buying it, I’d sure preserve everything about it. The truck is, of course, modified and upgraded as you’d expect from a racing shop and you can click on the ad for the laundry list of new and upgraded parts, including the glovebox door signed by former Holman-Moody president Lee Holman.
Is a piece of original history like this worth $14,000? To the right NASCAR fan (or driver, even), I bet it is.

Here’s the ad’s full text (aside from the parts list) and a screenshot for posterity:

“Very original 1967 F-100 Ranger with some new updates, this truck was purchased new from Winebarger Motor Company in Elkin, NC in August 1967.
This Ranger was ordered with a 352 2v with 3-speed on the column, Wimbledon white paint, and red interior. The truck is still mostly original inside and out, and wears all of its original chrome. This truck can be driven anywhere with no worries. The truck has nice patina and the hand-lettered Holman Moody logos really make this truck pop. The glovebox was signed by Lee Holman
This truck is for sale as-is where-is. The buyer is responsible should shipping be required.”

[Source: Charlotte CraigsList]

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  1. Maymar Avatar

    Around here, I’m fairly sure that an F-100 in that condition would have a $14k asking price even without that pedigree. I hate y’all who don’t have rust, is what I’m sayin’.

  2. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    That thing is perfect! Just rough enough to still be used as a truck, while still nice and cool enough to
    take to cars shows and stuff.

  3. 7FIAT's Later Avatar
    7FIAT’s Later

    Easily worth the asking price, very cool, no doubt well maintained and will probably last another 40-50 years in the right hands. Can you say that about any modern truck at two or three times the price?